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You can see everything on the NYC subway including wedding party!
August 9th, 2018 under Weddings. [ Comments: none ]

The NYC subway is such an important part of the city’s central nervous system, you can see anything and everything if you take a ride on one. It is always an adventure.

Yesterday, when WSJ’s City Hall reporter Katie Honan was traveling back uptown to Grand Central, she witnessed an actual wedding party celebrating their nuptials in her car. Sergey & Marina were taking the public transportation up to Harlem with their friends and family, so the musician played some songs from old Soviet movies to keep the party atmosphere going.

How did the reporter feel about what she just witnessed? She said, “Dear @MTA, everything you have ever done to me is forgiven. I got on an uptown 3 at Wall Street and stumbled upon a wedding party. Now we are riding and celebrating. I love New York, I love New York, I love New York.” That is why you always hear people say, only in New York because what other city could you see something like this?

To the newlyweds, may your marriage last longer than train ride!


Over 60 couples made a run to Taco Bell to get married!
July 3rd, 2018 under Fast Food, Weddings. [ Comments: none ]

A year ago, Taco Bell started performing weddings at their Las Vegas restaraunt. Since then 60 couples have said I do with many more planning to do the same.

It is such a huge success that they are expanding their chapel so that the bride and groom can invite even more of their friends and family to enjoy their special day with them. Because who does not want to go to the Chapel of Taco Bell?

For $600, I would do it. What do you get for that package? You get a sauce packet garter and bow tie, Just Married T-shirts, champagne flutes, a Cinnabon Delights cake, Taco 12 Pack and a sauce packet bouquet. You also get to invite 15 people to witness the 30-minute ceremony. Who needs an Elvis impersonator presiding over the big event, when you can have all of this?

It is a wedding you soon won’t forget!


Cardi B explains why she called her album of Invasion of Privacy
June 25th, 2018 under Cardi B, Weddings. [ Comments: none ]

We have known for a few months that Cardi B is pregnant with her first child, and today we found that she has been married to her baby daddy, Offset, for 9 months. She was not able to keep her baby bump a secret, but she was able to keep her marriage one.

Could be because it was a spontaneous affair between just the two of them, the person marrying the couple and a witness in her bedroom. To me, that is a better wedding than a huge event. Plus, the newlyweds got the best wedding present, a honeymoon baby!

Back to her album, along with explaining her very intimate wedding, she revealed why she called her album what she did. She says, “This why i name my album ‘Invasion of privacy’ cause people will do the most to be nosey about your life .Welp f*ck it.”


Barry William is a married man!
July 11th, 2017 under The Brady Bunch, Weddings. [ Comments: none ]

This Sunday, Barry Williams and his long time love Tina Mahina said I do in beautiful ceremony Branson, Missouri.

The eldest member of The Brady Bunch announced on Twitter in November that he was engaged and today that is how he shared photos from his wedding. No other details are known besides some photos.

Hopefully the third time, as in his third marriage, will be the charm. Congrats to the couple!


Things are not grimm for newlyweds David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch
July 6th, 2017 under Sean Hayes, Weddings. [ Comments: none ]

Bitsie Tulloch is good at keeping secrets, for example no one knew that she was secretly filming new episodes of Grimm after her character was killed off the season beforehand. She kept that quiet for months. Now the actress has another secret, and she has not told anyone about this one for about month. That hush-hush information is that back in June, her and David Giuntoli got married in Montana.

While their engagement was public information, their wedding date was not. That is until today when the two of them shared photos of their big day. That date is a mystery, but how much in love they are is not. The groom has this to say about his marriage, “I married her. I air-guitared her. I terrified her. I love you @bitsietulloch. It’s gonna be a wild ride.”

A wild ride that started when they were playing a couple in the feature Caroline and Jackie and then again a few months later on NBC’s Grimm that ended its run earlier this year. While that show might no longer be on the air, they will always have their love for each other. Unless a Wesen comes between them…


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