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Are Gordon Ramsay’s dance moves as cool as Ice, Ice Baby?
December 16th, 2020 under Gordon Ramsay, Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo, and Fred Sirieix have a Christmas special on ITV tonight. In order to promote it, the MasterChef of Hell’s Kitchen shared this behind the scenes video of them dancing to Vanilla Ice’s Ice, Ice Baby.

How did they do? I would pay for Vanilla Ice to do a duet with this video and critique their dance moves on TikTok. Just like what Ramsay does to all of those aspiring chefs.

Please, Rob, do it. It is something we all need. And on January 5th, we are all going to need more of Italian chef Gino D’Acampo once America discovers him in Gordon Ramsay’s American Road Trip on Fox. I promise you; you are going to love as much as I do. I think I might love him even more than Ramsay, but don’t tell.


Rob Van Winkle + ice = Vanilla Ice
November 18th, 2020 under Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

Vanilla Ice was born Rob Van Winkle, but we know him by his stage name. That name has become a big part of him. Therefore, he said, “When you walk past a cart of ice and you feel some sort of connection. Perfect photo prop. #IceIceBaby”

Too bad he didn’t have his daughter with him because then we could have gotten Ice Ice Baby. Ding, ding, ding, ding, dada, ding, ding. Too cold?


What do Twinsthenewtrend think of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby?
August 18th, 2020 under Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

Tim and Fred Williams, aka Twinsthenewtrend, you know the twins whose minds were blown when they watched Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight for the first time. Would their minds be just as blown when their ears got their cherries popped to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice? I will warn you, their heads went boom. However, our minds are even more blown by that.

Remember the first time you heard the song, and you didn’t know all the controversy behind it, and you were like wow this really got me rolling in my 5.0. Same for them. They have no idea that the melody is a lot like Queen’s Under Pressure with David Bowie because they have not heard that single for the first time. Which is interesting because they are in love with Freddie Mercury’s voice and Queen’s music.

So you know how you thought that Rob Van Winkle’s voice was that of a black man? Then you did a doubletake when you realized he called himself Vanilla because he is vanilla white? The music reviewers did the same thing.

They also have no problem admitting that the 1990 tune is a dope melody. I want to see their reaction when they learn all about Vanilla Ice. I love him because I did six years in Miami, and that was our jam at bars and in our cars on A1A/Beachfront Ave. Yet, I know he is an acquired taste, unlike vanilla. Who else besides Christain Grey is not a fan of vanilla?

When it comes to the twins, I would love to see them do The Police’s Be My Gal, Sally. If you never heard it, which chances are is the case, do it today. You will be thanking me! What do you want to see them rock out to next?

UPDATE: They finally got to hear Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure. Want to see how they felt about it, then click here!


Vanilla Ice didn’t know about his biopic with Dave Franco
July 24th, 2020 under Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: 1 ]

A few days ago, there were several reports that Dave Franco is going to play Vanilla Ice in a movie about the rapper. There is just one person who did not know about it. That person is Rob Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice.

How did Rob react when he heard the news? The Ice Ice Baby singer said, “Well, I woke up to some excitement today. Dave Franco announced that there’s going to be a movie about my life. And I don’t know how official it is, to be honest with you.” It doesn’t sound like it is going to be official at all if they didn’t tell the person it is about that they are going to make it.

Does Rob have any animosity towards Franco? Nope, he thinks he is a great guy, and he is “super honored.” However, he does some advice for the actor if he wants to be as Cool as Ice. Rob said, “Dave, you better learn how to dance. You better get some rhythym, bro.” Say what you want about Rob, but he did have rhythm back in the ’90s when he was charting with the rap songs.

On that note, Rob also revealed he is working on a documentary about his ’90s. Ice Ice Baby is coming out in the fall. He wants to remind us all to have fun again. Sometimes it feels like that was so last century. Get it?


Vanilla Ice cancels his Austin July 4th concert
July 2nd, 2020 under Coronavirus, Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

Vanilla Ice was going to play a concert in Austin, Texas tomorrow night, but he has made the very wise choice to cancel it.

Texas is one of the states that has been hardest hit by COVID-19, and it is getting worse by the day. The fact that he was planning on doing a standing room only show, would have been devastating to the Austin area. The people at his show would not be wearing masks, and if one person had it, then they can spread it to a few people, and then those people would spread it to a few people, and so on, and so on. Then Austin would be in Houston’s boat, and find themselves with hospitals at or near capacity in the ICU.

I honestly believe Rob Van Winkle when he says he didn’t know the numbers were that bad in Austin. I wish I was like him and oblivious to the news. If I didn’t have family, I actually love, there, I would probably would not know how bad it is either.

At least Rob did the right thing before it was too late. Especially because I was going to write a scathing post to him, and I didn’t want to do that. He helped me out in Miami, and I will never forgot that.


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