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[ # ] Watch two teens discover Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight for the first time
August 7th, 2020 under Phil Collins

Remember the first time you heard In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins? You sat there in awe as you listened to the whole song. That was us, but will teens feel the same we as did?
TwinsthenewTrend, who listen to a lot of songs for the first time on YouTube, finally gave this haunting tune a try. What did think? They were just like us. Proving the single is a timeless classic that effects everyone the same way. That drum solo still makes our pulses race, and as they said, wakes you up.

I loved watching them react to it because now we know what we looked when we closed our eyes and absorbed every note. There is just some kind of power to that song that sucks you in. It is nice to see it doesn’t get lost with the younger generation. I am sure their kids will feel the same way they did, and we did.

Now, who wants to tell them what everyone thought that song was about, and it isn’t. Collins’ brother did not die as someone watched him drown, and that man did nothing to save him. To hear what it is really about, then click here.

Back to the twins, like I said, they listen to lots of songs for the first time and record their reactions. What songs do you want to see them do? I would love to see them listen to Meat Loaf’s Paradise in the Dashboard Light and Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night.


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