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A mini-One Day at a Time reunion
September 12th, 2022 under Valerie Bertinelli. [ Comments: none ]

Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips started playing sisters on One Day at a Time over 45 years ago. And even though all of that time has passed, the two actresses are still as close as they were back then.

So what brought them together? They came to celebrate the man who made them sisters, 100th birthday.

That special, which also includes a Facts of Life Reunion, will air later this year on ABC.


Valerie Bertinelli on why she hasn’t said this is it to the new One Day at a Time
May 21st, 2020 under Valerie Bertinelli. [ Comments: none ]

In 2017, Netflix remade One Day at a Time, and a few of the original stars like Mackenzie Phillips has guest-starred on the show. However, her younger TV sister, Valerie Bertinelli, has yet to make an appearance on the Pop TV show.

The actress sat down with Entertainment Weekly, and explained why that is the case. It is simple, nothing more than scheduling issues. They came close once, but it was too tight to work out. Since she hasn’t acted in the five years since Hot In Cleveland ended, she wants “to be able to really be there with them and soak it all in.”

The actress is hoping that when we all get back to work, she can work with them. She wants to do it because she said, “I really love all those great people behind the show. What they’ve done is really amazing. I want to do it so bad!”

I am sure they want her just as badly. Hopefully, they will make it work out! I would love to see her back on the show that made her famous.


Imagine Footloose with Valerie Bertinelli instead!
October 19th, 2017 under Andy Cohen, Valerie Bertinelli. [ Comments: none ]

As we know, Lori Singer got the part of Ariel in 1984’s Footloose. Before she got the job of a lifetime, there were two other actresses who were also up for it. They are Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s Jennifer Jason Leigh and One Day at a Time’s Valerie Bertinelli. The latter has her theory why she didn’t get it. She told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live yesterday that she can’t dance. That as we all know, is a key requirement for that classic movie.

Proving she might be Hot In Cleveland, but she is not hot on the dance floor. Now I am going to spend the whole day pondering what it would have been like if she got the starring role in that film.


Is Valerie Bertinelli really 56?
April 19th, 2017 under Are they really their age?, Valerie Bertinelli. [ Comments: none ]

Valerie Bertinelli shared a makeup free Selfie and I cannot believe that she is 56 years old. The actress looks just like she did when she was doing One Day at a Time over 30 years ago. The Hot in Cleveland actress never ages and I want to know her secret. Doesn’t she look phenomenal?

It would also be wrong for me to ignore that fact that she also looks like her ex-husband Eddie Van Halen here. That is what made them so perfect back in the day, they looked like twins. But not in incest way. They even said, it was like looking in a mirror when they first met. Now you can see why?


Valerie Bertinelli or Medusa?
June 20th, 2016 under Valerie Bertinelli. [ Comments: none ]

It is summertime and Valerie Bertinelli is lightening up for the season. The brunette went blonder and she looked like Medusa with all of those foils in her hair. Well, only her hair because she still looks like she did when she was starring in One Day at a Time in the early ’80s. Seriously, I was watching the 56 year old in the sitcom as I was posting this and she looks exactly the same as she did 30 years ago. I want to know what her ageing secret because she is doing something right.
To see what she looks without all of that aluminum foil in her, then click here!


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