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[ # ] Valerie Bertinelli is ‘happily divorced’
November 22nd, 2022 under Valerie Bertinelli

While 11/11/11 is lucky for you and me, 11/22/22 is lucky for Valerie Bertinelli. That is because Tom Vitale signed the divorce papers today, and now they are no longer married.

The actress made a video and said with pure joy, “On 11/22/22, I am officially f**king divorced! Happily divorced. I’m divorced. Finally! It’s finally over.”

Bertinelli and her ex-husband were married in January 2011. She filed for legal separation last November and in May, she filed for divorce.

Now, she is free to marry again. But I think that is the last thing on her mind. She just wants to celebrate with her son Wolfie, who she is going to visit.

Congrats, Valerie! Enjoy being single!


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