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Ryan Reynolds topped himself with this commercial
January 29th, 2024 under Ryan Reynolds, Tommy Wiseau. [ Comments: none ]

I majored in Advertising in college, and my teachers told me not to go into it. And I listened to them.

However, Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort is doing stuff I dreamed of doing.

Case in point. 1Password wanted to do an advertisement about bad actors, so the advertising company the baddest actor they could think of to star.

Who could they get? They hired The Room’s Tommy Wiseau. His movie was so bad that it inspired the Oscar-winning movie The Disaster Artist.

And the 1Password commercial is anything but a disaster for either artist!

This ad came out today to remind us to change our passwords on Change Your Password Day, which is Thursday, February 1st. Therefore, make sure to change it so that you can prevent the Tommy Wiseaus from getting into your accounts.


Oh, hi, Mark, Tommy Wiseau made another movie
March 24th, 2023 under Movies, Tommy Wiseau. [ Comments: none ]

It has been 20 years since Tommy Wiseau released The Room. So now would be the perfect time for him to release his second movie.

Therefore, get ready for Big Shark, which he describes as, “Three firefighters (George, Patrick & Tim) must save New Orleans from a gigantic shark. Can New Orleans survive?”

It is not a question of if New Orleans can survive. It is can we survive another movie from Wiseau? Can we?

Since I am a cheesy Horror movie fan, I am sure I have seen worse. But have you?

If you are in Portland, you can see the World Premiere screening on April 2nd at Cinema 21. Please go, and tell me how it is.


Do Tonya Harding and Tommy Wiseau have something to tell us?
January 8th, 2018 under Do they have something to tell us?, Tommy Wiseau. [ Comments: none ]

I know that the Jennifer Anistons and Halle Berrys thought they were the belles of the Golden Globes ball, but really the night belonged to Tonya Harding and Tommy Wiseau. Both of them had parts of their lives turned into big screen movies last year, and I, Tonya and The Disaster Artist were both nominated for several awards last night.

Since there was a lot of interest in the two of them because of those films, they were invited to the big night. What happens when the two of them finally meet? I, Tonya star Sebastian Stan immediately took a photo and shared it with all of us to enjoy. Making us wonder if the two of them have something to tell us because they look quite comfy for a first meeting. Could you imagine? They would be the hottest couple at the Oscars! And who knows maybe their biopics would get a sequel called I, Tonya, the Disaster Artists!

Now let’s bring it back to Wiseau and his best friend Greg Sestero. The two of them showed up to the red carpet in a black (sadly not white) limo with posters for The Room on the windows. Only Wiseau!

If you have never seen The Room, which is a millions time better than The Disaster Artist, then you have a chance to see it in the theaters this Wednesday. Let me put it to you this way, James Franco does not even come close to capturing Wiseau’s amazing essence. In other words, he should not have won. But I am happy for The Room stars and cannot wait to see their next movie Best F(r)iends. I have liked Sestero since Retro Puppetmaster. That I movie I cannot recommend seeing.


If The Room was a music video instead of a movie
December 20th, 2017 under James Franco, Tommy Wiseau. [ Comments: none ]
Thanks to The Disaster Artist, a lot of people are hearing about the painfully awful movie The Room. The Room has gotten so much attention, that Tommy Wiseau is releasing it 500 theaters nationwide. Not sure if you should this movie that is so awful, it has become a cult classic. Watch this music video that Super Deluxe put together to understand the greatness of its awfulness. The only thing missing is how much Wiseau sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he speaks. But you still get a good enough feel of for the film that is so bad they had to make a movie about the making of it.

BTW this music video will be playing before the theatrical showings of The Room starting on January 10th.

Can I share something with you? So I saw Greg Sestero, who is the co-star in The Room, in Retro PuppetMaster and I thought he was really cute. After I saw him this film, I do not know how I feel about him anymore.


The Disaster Artist will live up to its name
July 19th, 2017 under James Franco, Seth Rogen, Tommy Wiseau. [ Comments: none ]

James Franco and Seth Rogen have teamed up for another movie and this one looks like a disaster. Which is a good thing they called it The Disaster Artist.

The movie is based on Greg Sestero’s best-selling tell-all about the making of Tommy Wiseau’s cult-classic disasterpiece The Room (“The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made”). I think instead of going to watch that movie on December 21st, I will stay home and watch the one it is based on.

I have learned it is safer to wait for Rogen’s films to be available on home video because they are more miss than hit even though they look like they are going to be a hit.



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