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The Lockdown Hauntings was shot during lockdown
August 26th, 2020 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Back in March, movie and TV production shut down for several months. However, a few clever filmmakers found a way around that.

Rob Savage shot his terrifying Horror movie Host for Shudder on Zoom and with cameras on phones and computers. He is not the only one who got creative, so did Howard J. Ford. He asked his actors, including Tony Todd, to film their own horrifying scenes for The Lockdown Hauntings. After watching the trailer, they did an impressive job.

The movie is described as “With the streets now empty, it isn’t just nature that is taking advantage of this unprecedented global disaster. Spirits are freer than ever before and the spirit of a notorious serial killer, AKA ‘The Locksmith’, is back from the dead and he has even more potential victims. Can self-isolating detective George Parker (Angela Dixon) with the guidance of paranormal expert Jordan Myers (Tony Todd), prevent more young women from becoming victims of The Lockdown Hauntings?”

You know, I wasn’t scared of the lockdown until movies like this and Host. Now, I sleep with the lights on because this could happen. Think of all the scary stuff there already is on video chatting, who is to say that paranormal entities can’t materialize on there and kill us. Boo!

The Lockdown Hauntings is slated to come out on March 16th. That is exactly a year after the United Kingdom was placed on locked down, and a serial killer rose from the dead.


AMC Theaters is charging $.15 per ticket on August 20th
August 13th, 2020 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters is celebrating its 100th birthday on August 20th. The same day some of their movie theaters are reopening for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

They want to celebrate the milestone by rewinding prices back to 1920. Back then you could go to see a film for 15 cents. Last year you were lucky if you could see one for $15.

The price is too good to be true. Especially here in California where there is no set date to reopen. The gesture is nice. Too bad there is this whole pandemic thingy going on.


Hey buddy, Pauly Shore is back doing what he does best
July 21st, 2020 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’90s, Pauly Shore was doing stoner comedies like Encino Man, and everyone loved them. Then, all of a sudden he stopped.

Well, now he is back doing what he does best, making us laugh in his own outrageous way. On September 4th, he is coming home to our homes in Guest House. A raunchy comedy that also stars Mike Castle, Aimee Teegarden, Billy Zane, and Steve-O.

It is like what Neighbors wishes it could have been. Seth Rogen should bow down to the original.

It is nice to know that not everything in 2020 is going to be. Guest House is going to be the laugh we desperately need.


Tenet is delayed indefinitely
July 20th, 2020 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Tenet was supposed to be the first movie released in movie theaters when they finally opened up again. However, every time they set a date, COVID-19 changes Warner Bros’ plans. The action film was slated to come out on August 12th, but now its release date has been delayed indefintely.

“We will share a new 2020 release date imminently for Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s wholly original and mind-blowing feature,” said Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich in a statement. “We are not treating Tenet like a traditional global day-and-date release, and our upcoming marketing and distribution plans will reflect that.”

What that means, who knows? As of now, it does not look like people will be going to the movies anytime soon. I say just release these movies online or roll them out in drive-in theaters. Look at the sucess Disney+ had with Hamilton. Imagine if Warner Bros did the same with Wonder Woman: 1984 on HBO Max. It would really help to launch that streaming service.

When it comes to Tenet, it looks like another Dick Flick. What I want to know what is going to happen with Bill & Ted Face the Music. It was going to come out the week after Tenet. I say they should just stream it because it was always going to do better on home video than in the the theater. I need my Bill & Ted!


Walmart is getting into the drive-in movie experience
July 2nd, 2020 under Coronavirus, Movies. [ Comments: none ]


Due to the coronavirus pandemic getting worse here in America, movie theaters do not know when they will open up again. People are missing that experience, and Walmart wants to give it back to them.

Starting in August, they will be converting 160 of their parking lots into drive-in movie theaters. They say, “This family-friendly night will include hit movies, special appearances from filmmakers and celebrities and concessions delivered right to customer vehicles.”

No other details are known at this time, but I am hoping that Bill & Ted Face the Music is one of the movies that they screen. Too bad there isn’t a Walmart in San Dimas because that would have been most excellent.

I am so grateful that corporations are getting creative to let us safely enjoy the things we used to do all the time.


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