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This movie is Croc! full of nuttiness!
September 22nd, 2022 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

If you love creature features, then Croc! is for you. Because who doesn’t love hungry crocodiles who want to eat humans and won’t stop until they devour them all?

Lisa and her family unite at a wedding venue, excited for the big day. However, unknown to the family, a nest of hungry crocodiles has been living in the nearby lake. As the crocodiles crash the wedding in a bloodthirsty massacre, the remaining family members must survive the night against these Jurassic beasts.

Croc! is distributed from Uncork’d Entertainment and will be invading our homes via DVD and Digital starting on October 4th.


Nothing says seasons greetings like a killing Christmas tree
September 21st, 2022 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Are you over those sappy Hallmark and GAC holiday movies? Then The Killing Tree is for you because it is not your typical Christmas love story.

On Christmas Eve, a scorned widow casts an ancient spell to resurrect her executed husband. However, when the spell goes wrong, the husband is brought back as an Evil Christmas Tree. Hellbent on getting revenge on the one who caused his execution, the body count keeps rising as the Tree hunts her down. Can anyone stop this killer Christmas tree before he gets to his target?

I can’t wait to watch this movie with my nieces as revenge for all the times my friends made me water their live Christmas tree. I had nightmares of pine needles attacking me, so I let their girls dream that the Christmas lights are trying to strangle them. It is worth the coal they will put in my stocking because revenge is the sugar plumbs dancing in my head.

Rhys Frake-Waterfield directed Sarah Alexandra Marks, Marcus Massey, Judy Tcherniak, Sarah T. Cohen, Kelly Rian Sanson, Ella Starbuck, Lauren Starck, May Kelly, Nikolai Leon, Richard Harfst, and Gillian Broderick in Uncork’d Entertainment’s The Killing Tree which comes out on digital and DVD on November 1st.


Showdown in Yesteryear is the Western that modern-day cowboys dream about
September 20th, 2022 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Being a cowboy in 2022 is not the same as it was 150 years ago. Back then, it was all about showdowns at high noon and stopping bad guys like Billy the Kid with your pistols. Then once you caught them, you would go to the saloon, play some cards and drink some moonshine. It was the good ole days.

So imagine being a modern-day cowboy and finding a door that travels you back to a time when cowboys rode around on horses. That is what happens in Showdown in Yesteryear. Daryl Dumwoody is a down-on-his-luck wannabe cowboy. He stumbles upon a mysterious old door, upon entering, he sends himself to the old west. There Daryl finds himself on an adventure of a lifetime, where he fights outlaws, finds love, and his life purpose.

The movie stars Jeff Grennell in the lead role, along with Vernon Wellsith, Debra Lamb, and Jesse Marciniak. The film was directed by Aaron Bratcher and written by Greg Lamberson with a story by Tim O’Hearn.

Showdown in Yesteryear will be released next year. It is a must-own for the Western lover in your life. We all have at least one.


Neve Campbell’s latest Horror movie is the bloodiest of her films
September 5th, 2022 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

In case you haven’t heard, Neve Campbell is no longer part of the Scream franchise. However, that doesn’t mean she is done making Horror movies.

In fact, the actress’ latest movie Red Cross is full of blood. Well, actually, it isn’t. So, stop what you are doing and make an appointment to give blood. There is a blood shortage, and the Red Cross desperately needs blood. I donate platelets every two weeks, and it is so rewarding. And for most donations, I get a gift $10 gift certificate. So you have no excuses, do you?


Winnie the Pooh wants blood instead of honey
August 31st, 2022 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most lovable characters we grew up with, but not anymore. That is because Jagged Edge Productions has turned him into a merciless killer, and he is out for blood in Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey.

If you are going to make a Horror film based on an iconic childhood memory, then you better go to the extreme. And they did, as you can see in the trailer. Because of that, I can’t wait to see the fairy tale that helped us fall asleep as kids become something that will give us nightmares.


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