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[ # ] If The Room was a music video instead of a movie
December 20th, 2017 under James Franco, Tommy Wiseau
Thanks to The Disaster Artist, a lot of people are hearing about the painfully awful movie The Room. The Room has gotten so much attention, that Tommy Wiseau is releasing it 500 theaters nationwide. Not sure if you should this movie that is so awful, it has become a cult classic. Watch this music video that Super Deluxe put together to understand the greatness of its awfulness. The only thing missing is how much Wiseau sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he speaks. But you still get a good enough feel of for the film that is so bad they had to make a movie about the making of it.

BTW this music video will be playing before the theatrical showings of The Room starting on January 10th.

Can I share something with you? So I saw Greg Sestero, who is the co-star in The Room, in Retro PuppetMaster and I thought he was really cute. After I saw him this film, I do not know how I feel about him anymore.


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