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[ # ] The Rock’s daughters gave him a sparkly makeover
June 17th, 2024 under The Rock


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Yesterday was Father’s Day, and The Rock arose at 3a because he couldn’t wait for his daughters to wake up so that he could celebrate with them. And boy, did they have a surprise for their dad.

Finally, at 6:15a, Jasmine, 8, and Tiana, 6, woke up and they ran to find their daddy.

They were going to give him a makeover. Not just any makeover. They were going to cover his bald head and face in green glitter.

How did DJ feel about his shiny new look? “I’m a sucker for this stuff – our babies grow up fast and I know a time will come when they’re all grown up and running to daddy first thing in the morning will no longer be this daddy’s reality,” he wrote. “I LOVE IT and I’ll take every second of this girl dad magic while I can get it.”

That is until three weeks from now, and he is still finding glitter in places he never knew it could get. You can never get rid of glitter because it miraculously
multiplies even after you think you got it all.


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