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[ # ] Has Lily ever watched The Price is Right?
November 22nd, 2023 under The Price is Right

The Price is Right has been on for over 50 years. So you would think everyone has seen at least one episode with their grandparent.

Well, not everyone. Lily was told to come on down, and she made it to The Big Wheel.

While it was spinning around, Drew Carey asked her if she wanted to say hi to anyone. So she said hi to her family in Florida.

Finally, the wheel stopped, and the host told her she made it to the Showcase round. She asked him, “What happened?” He told her she won. Then she wanted to know, “Won what?” He explained that she is going on to the Showcase round. Still clueless, “What is that?” At this point, Carey gave up and told her, “It’s at the end of the show. You’ll find out!”

Finally, she started to get excited about winning whatever she won. Then, she stood next to Carey and asked, “Stand her still?”

And since I didn’t watch the episode, I am assuming she is still standing there.

And this is what happens if someone is giving out tickets to be on a show to a wannabe actress in Glendale. They just want to be on TV and don’t know how to fake it for game shows.

I hope we get more of this. Oh, Glendale is our Florida.


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