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Rachel Bilson doesn’t like having a bad rap, so she sings a scary good one.
January 18th, 2012 under Rachel Bilson, The OC. [ Comments: none ]

Rachel Bilson is back on TV playing a doctor on The CW’s Hart of Dixie and some people have made fun of her saying she doesn’t look like one. So Zoe Hart took to Funny or Die and wrote a prescription for all those sickos with the best rap every made. After watching it all the way through several times, I will never say anything bad about Summer Roberts ever again because she f*cking scares me.
That video is freaking perfect except that Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel kept their shirts on the whole time. Yes they got their white tank tops soaking wet as they washed the car, but that is enough for us ladies. Oh well, I guess we will have to wait until Monday at 9p for a new episode of Hart of Dixie to see Wilson shirtless again.

UPDATE: Not only does Wilson Bethel write poetry, he also writes a pretty damn good rap because he wrote the words for Bilson to say in that video and he produced it too. All those good looks and he has brains too, not bad.


Ben McKenzie’s mom has given up on him
February 10th, 2011 under Ellen DeGeneres, The OC. [ Comments: none ]

Ben McKenzie will be on Ellen on Valentine’s Day and he told her his mother is over him.

Ellen: Now, will you be spending Valentine’s Day with someone?
Ben: I knew you were going to get to this. I’m not married. Audience cheers. This is really going to cheer me up. I’m not married. Recently out of a relationship. Audience cheers again. This is doing wonders for my confidence. This is fantastic.
Ellen: We probably have somebody in the audience. Audience cheers. Look there are people pointing, voting already. Audience cheers. Well, we’ll put the names in a hat and just pick one.
Ben: It’ll probably work as well as my system at this point.
Ellen: And what is your system?
Ben: I don’t have one. Laughs. It’s a disaster.
Ellen: Well, you’re working all the time.
Ben: I am. And that’s what I tell my mother. I’m working.
Ellen: Is your mother bugging you about that?
Ben: She’s given up on me. She’s moved on to my two younger brothers who are both married. They’re more likely to give her grandkids at this point which is really the point of the whole exercise. I mean, she cares about me, she’s my mother. But it’s really about grandkids so she just moves on to them.

Poor Ben, I am sure he will make his mother a happy woman soon by giving her some grandkids. You know because there are several woman who would like to settle down in The OC with him!!!


The OC gets the Lost treatment!
June 8th, 2010 under Lost, The OC. [ Comments: none ]

So Lost creator Carlton Cuse sent the above clip to The OC, Chuck and Gossip Girl creator, and Josh Schwartz Tweeted it so we could all enjoy it! I don’t what I enjoyed more…The OC being turned into a creepy show by being Lostified or the fact that the show creators sent it to each other and shared it with us. I am thinking the latter. One of the things I love most about Twitter is watching the Executive Producers of shows talk to each other, it almost feels like we are in the writers’ room with them!!!


The worst body double ever
December 2nd, 2009 under The OC. [ Comments: 1 ]

Rachel Bilson has a new movie coming out and in the movie she was required to have a sex scene. The OC star didn’t want to do it, so McG got a body double for her. I guess because he didn’t have time to find a proper person to do it, he had to settle for the person you see in the deleted clip that was acquired exclusively by Even though the body double is a male, the editing is so seamless it looks like the body is attached to Rachel Bilson’s neck.
So now that you know that sex scene was edited out of Hearts of Palm does that make you want to see the movie more or less?


You can cancel The OC, but not their friendship
March 13th, 2007 under The OC. [ Comments: none ]

Do those pictures look like something of The OC or what? It is nice to see that Adam Brody and Benjamin Mackenzie remained friends after the show. And is just me or does Adam Brody look sexy with that facial hair going on?  

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