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The real Beverly Goldberg’s idea how The Goldbergs can go on without Jeff Garlin
January 19th, 2022 under The Goldbergs. [ Comments: none ]

Back in December, Jeff Garlin and The Goldbergs parted ways because of his alleged inappropriate behavior on the set. Therefore, the show has to figure out how to explain why Murray is no longer there.

The real Beverly Goldberg has been pitching an idea to her son, the real Adam F. Goldberg, since the show got started, and now she is pitching it to us.

“So here’s the new idea for season 10 of The Goldbergs. Like reality my hubby passed away and I started dating. After a few years,” the sMother wrote. “This is the show I wanted Adam to write. But he said he wasn’t letting me loose on America. Well now I’m really loose on America so what the heck.”

Would you watch The Goldbergs if it was all about Beverly dating? I mean, with Erica getting married and Adam going away to college, it seems like the natural next step for the show. As in, they should flash forward a few years and make it about how Beverly is surviving without her kids and husband.

Either that or end it. Which do you prefer?


Did ABC order 4 more episodes of The Goldbergs to wrap up the show?
January 10th, 2022 under The Goldbergs. [ Comments: none ]

It has been a tough year for The Goldbergs. The show started off this season covering the death of George Segal, who died when they were filming the season finale in March.

Then last month, they parted ways with Jeff Garlin, who was accused of abusive behavior. He was the other patriarch on the show.

So you would think after that ABC would just want to finish this season as soon as possible. I guess not because today Wendi McLendon-Covey announced the network ordered four additional episodes for this season.

My first thought was they did it so they could wrap up the show that has been declining since the real Adam F. Goldberg left the series.

However, The Live Feed thinks that ABC is just matching the order count of two of their other Wednesday sitcoms, The Wonder Years and Home Economics.

ABC has not made a decision if the program will be back for a 10th season. While it is their #1 comedy, it is also expensive. Did the loss of Garlin’s salary make it more affordable? We will find out soon enough.

Do you think it should get another season, or is it time to say goodbye?


We will still see Jeff Garlin in the upcoming episodes of The Goldbergs
December 21st, 2021 under The Goldbergs. [ Comments: none ]

(ABC/Scott Everett White)

Last week, ABC and Sony Pictures Television mutually decided with Jeff Garlin that the actor will part ways with The Goldbergs effective immediately. He was accused of creating an uncomfortable work environment because of bad jokes.

Even though he is no longer filming any new episodes of the series, we will still see his character, Murray, throughout the remainder of the season? How? According to Variety, they will do this “by using off-camera dialogue pulled from earlier episodes and unused takes, as well as previously shot images of Garlin. There won’t be deep fake images, nor any face replacement.”

The best part for Garlin is that he will be paid for the remaining seven episodes even though he won’t be showing up to work. That is great work if you can get it. He is getting paid to do nothing. That will teach him a lesson.

The Goldbergs is currently filming the 9th season’s 15th and 16th episodes. That means the exes at ABC have about seven episodes to decide if they want to cancel one of their higher-rated shows. A show that has been long past its expiration date.


The Goldbergs parts ways with Jeff Garlin
December 16th, 2021 under The Goldbergs. [ Comments: 1 ]

A few weeks ago, Jeff Garlin did an intense phone interview with Vanity Fair about whether or not he was fired from The Goldbergs over claims that he was creating an uncomfortable workplace due to his telling inappropriate jokes. Human resources had been investigating the allegations for years. That was then.

Yesterday, there was a staff meeting on the show, and they announced that they mutually agreed he would be leaving the show when they are done filming the current episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That means the show will suddenly have no father even though his daughter is getting married and his son is graduating high school. I know some of you are going to say that doesn’t matter. But do the viewers care what is happening behind the scenes? They just want to watch the show they have been watching for almost ten years.

Was he wrong? Yes. But is it worth it to fire him midseason? I don’t think so. There were barely using him anyways. So, just have him film one day a week with minimal contact with the crew who complained about him.

I am sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but I just think it will hurt the show.

Now, when it comes to The Goldbergs, I hope it gets cancelled at the end of the season. Ever since Adam F. Goldberg left, all of the heart went out of the show. It has been unfunny for years, and I don’t know why I am still watching. Maybe I am hoping it will get back to its glory days, but it hasn’t happened, and I don’t think it will. It is time for it to end. A wedding and a graduation seem like the perfect time to do it.

Before, it used to be that every character was a little extra, but now they are over-the-top exaggerated buffoons. So much so, they have become unlikable. So unlikeable, they just did an episode where Beverly had to look at herself to find out why even her best friend doesn’t like her. That says it all.

I know ABC is worried about losing one of the shows that they have that does OK in the ratings. But I think if they got another season, their ratings would collapse. So, it is time to let it go. And that The Conners with it.


Proof Elvira never ages!
October 15th, 2021 under The Goldbergs. [ Comments: none ]

Casandra Peterson turned 70 a month ago, and just like her character Elvira, she never ages.

Don’t believe me? Peterson is recreating The Mistress of the Dark on The Goldbergs’ Halloween episode on October 27th. She looks exactly the same in the photo she shared from the set of the period sitcom as she did when it really was ’80something.’

I want to know her secret, but I think we all know what it is…


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