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The passion between Superstore’s Ben Feldman & America Ferrera is undeniable
February 13th, 2020 under Superstore. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Superstore debuted, Amy and Jonah have been the will they or won’t they couple on the show? Now that American Ferrera and Ben Feldman are getting it on on the sitcom, fans of the show don’t really feel their passion. Therefore, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the two actors shot a video to prove that even though they are married to other people in real life, there is a lot of sexual chemistry between them. Or maybe not? Now that they mention it, there are more like a couple who has been married long enough to be empty nesters as compared to one who is just starting out.

While they have been dating for a few seasons, Dina (Lauren Ash) is going to get some fresh meat tonight at 8p on NBC. The only problem he is a scam artist, and she has to bust him for it. Even though all she wants to do is a bust a move with him.

It is sweet to see her get some on Valentine’s Day. That is not the only sweet thing we are getting, the new bosses sent over a cereal bar for everyone to enjoy. What could go wrong? Let’s just say it does not go as badly as their call with the new CEO.

If that is not enough, then there is more. Garrett (Colton Dunn) and Glenn (Mark McKinney) have a heart-to-heart.

There is still more, but I cannot tell you everything. Therefore, you need to tune in to find out else what other trouble they get into tonight. Poor Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom).


Superstore is not going out of business anytime soon
February 11th, 2020 under Superstore. [ Comments: none ]
Paul Telegdy, Chairman, NBC Entertainment, had some good news for the workers at Cloud 9 today. Superstore will be back for a sixth news. Making it their longest-running comedy that is currently on the air. There was even more good news for them, the season premiere will be the sitcom’s 100th episode.

Congrats to everyone on the show. They find a way to still be new and fresh after all of this time. They also make working at a big box store seem like it would be a good job opportunity. Who doesn’t want to work with people that will save your wedding from a co-worker who is threatening to kill the bride’s cat because she is marrying the man you used to date? Wait…

Anyways, it is show that always makes you laugh and does not get old. Plus, it is fun to hear what songs will be blasting from the loud speakers every week.


Must See TV is back on NBC with two new funny comedies!
September 26th, 2019 under Kal Penn, Kristen Bell, NBC, Superstore, Ted Danson Mary Steenburgen. [ Comments: none ]

NBC is known for Must See TV on Thursdays and this season they are not disappointing. They start it off at 8p with Superstore. The season premiere picks up a few hours after the season finale when Mateo (Nico Santos) was taken away by ICE.

Jonah (Ben Feldman) has gotten everyone together from Cloud 9 for a vigil for Mateo. Since no one knows what to do, they sing a song that is perfect for them. You have to see it, to believe. That and to find out that Lauren Ash, who plays Dina, can really sing. You go girl.

Now, it is time for everyone to get back to work. Corporate has sent over a new worker to replace Mateo and everyone hates Glen with one “n”. Glenn (Mark McKinney) with two “n’s” hates him the most. Therefore, when they come up with a way to get rid of him, he is all for it.

Meanwhile, Dina is still mad at Garrett (Colton Dunn) for letting her birds accidentally go free, so she continues to torture him. He feels bad, but that is not good enough for her.

Talking about couples, Sandra (Kaliko Kauahi) wants to let everyone know that she is engaged but no one will let her talk.

When it comes to talking, Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) has not spoken to her BFF since he was taken away. It is just too hard for her. Amy (America Ferrera) decides to kidnap her co-worker and take her to see their friend. Will she go inside?

All of this leads to a moment that will have everyone afraid, very afraid.

If working at a Big Box store was as fun as they make it look on Superstore, we would all be working at one!

Then at 8:30p, Bradley Whitford is back for another comedy on NBC. Perfect Harmony is something to sing about.

Arthur Cochran (Whitford) is the former chair of the music department at Princeton. After his wife died, he pretty much lost his will to live. He returns to her hometown to bury in her in the cemetery at the church she loved, but he is told there is no room. Therefore, he has come to confront them to let her in.

On the way there, the very drunk professor stops in front of another church with a choir rehearsing. They are so bad that he goes in to tell all of them how awful they are. When he is done, he passes out.

The next day, when he wakes up, and they ask him to coach their choir. He doesn’t want to do it, but then he gets his reason. Now he has to work on them to make them all singers whether they like what he says or not.

Ginny (Anna Camp) is a single mom, who is a mother to the group. She is also just so gosh darn nice. Adams (Tymberlee Hill) is not that nice, so she does not want to take Arthur’s advice. Jax is adopted and he is the Kumbaya one of the group. Wayne (Will Greenberg) takes a lot of crap Arthur, but he has potential. Although, not as much as Shep (Geno Segers) who has the deepest voice you will ever hear.

They are a dysfunctional bunch, but together they make beautiful music. That is why this and Carol’s Second Act are tied for my favorite new comedies with Sunnyside in a close second place.

Then at 9p, The Good Place begins its final season. Michael (Ted Danson) and Eleanor (Kristen Bell) are continuing to welcome the four new humans to The Good Place. They know that these four individuals are there to antagonize them. However, they have to work through it to save the human race.

How will Tahani (Jameela Jamil) deal with her gossip columnist arch-nemesis? Jason wants to be with Janet (Manny Jacinto) but she told him no because the experiment is too important. Meanwhile, Janet is busy dealing with all the new people’s request. Especially, the new guy who is there to torture Eleanor. She has enough problems now that Chidi’s (William Jackson Harper) memory has been erased and he does not remember her.

While things are not going smoothly for them, things are going better off down in the Bad Place. Or are they?

You don’t want to miss as our Fab Four tries to acclimate the new kids into their world with a big old party.

A sad party is happening over here because I don’t want this show to end.

Finally at 9:30p, Kal Penn is an elected official in Sunnyside. Scratch that, he is an impeached city councilman for Sunnyside in Queens, NY.

When Garrett Modi (Penn) first ran for office, he had dreams of helping the community. Fifteen years later, he is living in his office because his girlfriend kicked him out, he has no money and he has just been fired from his job. He moves in with his sister, Mallory (Kiran Deol) and she tells him to get a job.

He gets a call to meet some people at a bar to help them pass their citizenship test so they can become Americans. When all of his contacts fails, he decides to help them himself. Luckily, two of his students are really rich, so they throw money his way.

Those two students are siblings, Jim Hoa (Joel Kim Booster) and Mel Lin (Poppy Liu). We do not know where they are from because they won’t say. While they have lots of money, Griselda (Diana-Maria Riva) does not. The Dominican has so many jobs, no one can possibly count them all. Hakim (Samba Schutte) is a taxi driver from Ethiopia. Finally, there is Brady (Moses Storm), he just found out he is from Moldovia and that he was not born in America. His mother brought him here when he was two and she never told him. After he gets caught, the government told him to become a citizen or go back. Since he does not know where Moldavia is, he opts to become an American. Which is why he needs Garrett’s help.

Each week, Garrett will work with them to make sure they get to live the America Dream. Granted the brother and sister are already living all of their dreams and most other people’s. Can Garrett teach them all about the good ole USA?

You are going to want to watch the show that reminds us that we are all immigrants in America. You don’t have to be born here to love America. You just have to live hear to learn you love it! Like we will love this show.


Superstore’s Ben Feldman welcomes a baby girl
May 6th, 2019 under Superstore. [ Comments: none ]

Good thing Ben Feldman works in a Superstore because he is going to be shopping there a lot for diapers. That is because he and his wife welcomed their second child just 18 months after their first one.

The actor shared a photo of his wife, Michelle Mulitz, and their son, Charlie Milton, pushing the newest addition of their family in the hospital. He did not say when his daughter was born or her name, but you can tell they are loving her!


Is that Superstore’s Lauren Ash?
March 8th, 2019 under Superstore. [ Comments: none ]

We are used to seeing Lauren Ash as a tomboy on shows like Superstore and Super Fun Night, but she is copletely different when the cameras are not rolling. While she barely wears any makeup on the shows, she does so in real life.

A Book Of captured that side of her for their magazine and that is not the Dina we are used to seeing every Thursday night. She looks like a completely different person. She is beautiful either way, but it is nice to see a different side of the funny actress.


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