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[ # ] Amy says goodbye on Superstore. Does someone have COVID-19 on Connecting?
November 5th, 2020 under NBC, Superstore
Tonight at 8p, Superstore celebrates its 100th episode on NBC. To celebrate the milestone, they are going to be saying goodbye to Amy. America Ferrara announced in February that she was leaving the show. However, her departure took a little longer because COVID-19 shut down production before she could get a proper farewell.

Tonight is her last day of work, and she and Jonah (Ben Feldman) are preparing for their move to California. Their co-workers don’t want to see them leave; can they do anything to stop them. Obviously, they can’t stop Amy, but will they be able to keep Jonah?

You have to tune in for an episode that gives at least one character a perfect sendoff.

BTW Am I the only one who will not miss her? Amy is too bossy, and I want these characters to run free and be the worst Cloud 9 employees they can be.

Over on Peacock and, instead of, NBC at 8:30p is a new episode of Connecting…

In this episode, Ben (Preacher Lawson), Pradeep (Parvesh Cheena), Annie (Otmara Marrero), Ellis (Shakina Nayfack), Rufus (Ely Henry), Michelle (Jill Knox), and Garrett (Keith Powell) talk about going to attend their first Black Lives Matter protest.

Ben really wants to do it, but his mother (Loretta Divine) doesn’t want him to because she fears he will get in trouble. She will get her wish when he gets sick. Does he have COVID-19? He will go and get the test to find out.

Since he can’t march with his family, his brother-in-law Garrett goes in his place. Pradeep is going because one of his adopted toddlers is African American, and he wants him to learn about his race. Ellis is marching to support Black Trans people, while Rufus and Annie are attending for the cause. Shortly after they meet up, they all get lost in the crowd. When they get home and Zoom each other, they find out that one of them got arrested.

Which of the seven will spend time in jail? You just have to watch a powerful episode that shows how meaningful these rallies are and how they affect those who attend.


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