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[ # ] Superstore takes on systemic racism tonight
January 14th, 2021 under Lauren Ash, Superstore

Superstore is back for the second half of their final season tonight at 8:30p on NBC, and the comedy is getting serious tonight. As serious as they can when it comes to taking on systemic racism because you have seen the show. It is why we love it.

The episode starts off with Dina (Lauren Ash) revealing a big change that corporate has made at Cloud 9. The black hair products will no longer be locked up. That starts off a whole debate on how that is the smallest thing corporate can do to fix racism in their stores.

Therefore, Dina, who is filling in for a self-quarantining Glenn (Mark McKinney), decides to hold a meeting to determine what can be done to improve things for the minority workers at their store. Garrett (Colton Dunn) becomes the unwilling leader on the task. Mostly because none of his co-workers get where he is coming from or understand how serious this matter is. However, Jonah (Ben Feldman) will try in his own special way. Sweet, sweet Jonah.

Glenn will also try to help, but it goes horribly wrong. Will Garrett finally be able to make a difference?

The thing about comedy is that they can take on something serious and teach you something without making you feel like they are preaching to you. That is what Superstore perfects tonight in this special episode. Then again every episode is perfect. What does have to end?

Order in some pizza and enjoy Nothing But Comedy with Mr. Mayor and Superstore tonight starting at 8p.


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