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BTWF: Brent Spiner on To Tell the Truth
November 29th, 2023 under Before They Were Famous, Star Trek. [ Comments: none ]

Before we knew him as Brent Spiner on Star Trek: The Next Generation, he went by Brent Mintz on To Tell the Truth. I never would’ve recognized Data when he was 23 on that 1972 episode.


Sir Patrick Stewart almost had hair for Star Trek: TNG
October 20th, 2023 under Graham Norton, Sir Patrick Stewart/Sir Ian McKellen, Star Trek. [ Comments: none ]

We know Sir Patrick Stewart as bald. But if the studio execs had their way, he would’ve worn a wig on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Today, when Picard was on The Graham Norton Show, he told the story about the audition process for the Sci-Fi series.

Stewart did three auditions, and he was getting ready to do the fourth for the heads of Paramount Studios. They decided they wanted to see what he would like with hair on his head. So, his agent asked him if he had a wig. The actor did, but it was still in London. Therefore, they had it flown over the pond to Los Angeles.

Finally, it was audition time, and he wore the hairpiece.

After it was over, he went to take it off. And the execs walked in to see what he would look like without it.

I think we all know which way they preferred him! Although, is it wrong for me to say I kind of like him with hair?


A tale of two Spocks
August 7th, 2023 under Star Trek. [ Comments: none ]

Many years ago, I shared a photo of two Spocks, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. At the time, they were the only two people to play the Star Trek role.

Since then, there is a new person who joined the exclusive club, and it is Ethan Peck who plays the legendary role in Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount+.
Over the weekend, the two living Vulcans met up, and we got this photo as proof. Do you see the resemblance between the two? I do!

And now, may the two actors live on and prosper. Or as I say Na-Nu, Na-Nu.

On that note, Justin Nunley posted a video that is relevant to my last sentence. To see it, then click here!


We need to #RethinkAging celebrities!
February 23rd, 2023 under Marla Gibbs, Star Trek. [ Comments: none ]

2023 has been good for celebrities over 65. We saw Dick Van Dyke, 97, on The Masked Singer. Lily Tomlin, 83, Jane Fonda, 85, Rita Moreno, 91, and Sally Field, 76, starring in 80 for Brady. Mel Brooks, 96, is finally giving us History of the World: Part II on Hulu next month. Fran Drescher, 65, is the SAG President. And the list goes on.

However, more needs to be done. And Marla Gibbs, 91, Norman Lear, 100, and George Takei, 85, teamed up with Hollywood, Health & Society, and they want you to #RethinkAging.

They might be older, but they are not out. We can learn from them because they know what they are doing and experienced life in a way a no 25-year-old could ever understand.

Plus, they have a built-in fanbase.

So instead of going with a no-name, go with a name we already know and love.


‘Oh my!’ George Takei’s catchphrase is not from Star Trek.
December 2nd, 2022 under Graham Norton, Howard Stern, Star Trek. [ Comments: none ]

Here is your latest Mandela Effect explained.

Did you think the catchphrase “Oh my” is from Star Trek? Well, it is not. Nope. He never said that on the show.

But we know the actor has uttered those two words. So what is going on?

Today on The Graham Norton Show, the beloved actor explained how it happened. Many years ago, he was invited to appear on Howard Stern’s radio show. However, he didn’t know who the shock was at the time.

So Sulu arrives at the radio show offices, and they have a radio on. He said to his publicist that the show they have on is vile and disgusting. And she told him that is Howard Stern.

Then he was ushered in, and the first thing that Stern said to Takei was, “You have a deep voice. A voice like that must have a big dong below?” To which the legend asked, “Are we on the air?” When the shock jock told him they were, all he could say was, you guessed it, “Oh my!”

And the rest is history, thanks to Stern playing to two words repeatedly on his show.


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