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Sophia Bush said yes!
August 11th, 2021 under Engaged?, Mila Kunis, Sophia Bush. [ Comments: none ]

Sophia Bush/Instagram

Sophia Bush has some really good news to share, she is engaged to her boyfriend, Grant Hughes.

The entrepreneur made it really special for the love of his life while they were on vacation in Lake Como, Italy. “A brilliantly executed surprise like this doesn’t happen without the most incredibly talented secretly stationed photographers (she didn’t see you @bottega53 🙌), the best classic boats in the game (@comoclassicboats), and most importantly an amazing family of friends too numerous to name that supported me through this entire process,” He wrote. “It all paid off. Thank you for helping me create perfection for the most perfect woman. She felt it 🙏❤️”

While his future bride wrote, “So it turns out that being your favorite person’s favorite person is the actual best feeling on planet Earth 💫 #YES”

The betrothed couple was first spotted together in May 2020.

Here is to hoping their life is like a fairy tale and may they live happily ever after.


Sophia Bush has left Chicago PD
May 25th, 2017 under Dick Wolf, Sophia Bush. [ Comments: none ]

Out of all the actors on Chicago PD, the only one whose name I know is Sophia Bush. Now I know none of them because Deadline is reporting she left the show. The season 4 finale hinted she might be leaving and today it was made official. No reason was given, but the article says, “The Chicago P.D. set had been described as a tough environment for a female performer.”

Since the police procedural is not for me and I like her, I cannot wait to see where she winds up next. Personally, I liked when she tried her hand at comedy with Partners. She deserves to be on a show that will treat her with the respect she deserves.

Talking about Dick Wolf dramas, I wonder who if anyone is leaving Chicago Fire and/or Chicago Med because their season finales hinted not everyone might be back. They better not let Oliver Platt leave because he makes that great show even better.


A One Tree Hill Reunion!
May 8th, 2017 under One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush. [ Comments: none ]

Robert Buckley (Clay Evans), Lindsey McKeon (Taylor James), Shantel VanSanten (Quinn James), Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), Brett Claywell (Tim Smith), Ashley Rickards (Samantha Walker), Antwon Tanner (Skills Taylor), Stephen Coletti (Chase Adams) and Michael Copon (Felix Taggaro) all got together this weekend for EyeCon, the annual convention honoring their show One Tree Hill.

This show still has such a huge fan base, I don’t know why The CW hasn’t brought it back. Could you imagine if they did? People would tune in like crazy! I would watch because I still miss this show. What about you?


Sophia Bush naked in bed!
April 7th, 2015 under In Bed, One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush. [ Comments: 1 ]

Sophia Bush decided to recreate Amy Schumer’s Entertainment Weekly cover, and she did it by laying naked in her bed with the magazine cover as her cover. Not only was her body completely naked, so was her face.
Whether she is covered up or completely nude, she still looks stunning. Because of that how can you not love the Chicago PD star?


Sophia Bush is even more stunning without makeup!
February 2nd, 2015 under One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush. [ Comments: none ]

Sophia Bush got home early today from her job at Chicago PD, and the actress decided to share a photo of herself without any makeup. She is one of the few actors who is just as beautiful in the inside as she is on the outside because of all of the charity work she does in her free time. This picture proves that. She is beautiful with makeup, and she is even more gorgeous without it. I think her eyes are more powerful without any mascara or eyeliner.
How do you think the One Tree Hiller looks here?


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