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[ # ] Good Sam is a life full circle moment for Sophia Bush
January 5th, 2022 under CBS, Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is back on television tonight in the medical drama Good Sam on CBS at 10p. It is not your typical medical show because it adds the twist of what happens when it is a family business.

Dr. Sam Griffith (Bush) grew up in the hospital because her dad Griff (Jason Isaacs) is Chief of Surgery, and her mom, Vivian Katz (Wendy Crewson), runs it. However, her parents are no longer together because her dad’s first, second, and third love is surgery.

Sam followed in her father’s footsteps and became a heart surgeon, and she works under him at the same hospital. He is very tough on his daughter and all the other surgeons. Sam is unlike him in that manner. She is not only a heart surgeon, but she also has a heart when it comes to her patients and co-workers.

One day their lives are all going to change when Griff is shot in the hospital, and he spends several months in a coma. No one knows if he is going to wake up. Therefore, they make Sam the new head of surgery in his absence.

Just when they are ready to make the announcement, Griff wakes up. He wants his title back, and he can’t have it because it is Sam’s. Not only that, he has to be cleared to work again. Sam has to approve that, and he has to work under her. He doesn’t want to work under anyone, including his daughter, and he will undermine with every chance that he gets.

How will the two Griffins learn to work together with their new dynamic? That is what we will find out when we watch Good Sam every Wednesday night.

Good Sam is like a dream come true for Bush. She shared how during a press event at the CBS Winter Press Day. She said, “The irony of all of this is that my plan as a kid. I don’t know if it’s growing up the daughter of an immigrant or what. But your options are really like you’re a doctor or a lawyer, or a lawyer or a doctor. So as a young person, I said I wanted to be a doctor. And I was particularly fascinated with heart surgery. Considered it as a specialty.”

However, something happened that changed her career path. “My high school drama teacher got in the way and helped put me up in my first play. You can imagine the shock when I told my parents I wasn’t going to med school, I was going to go study theater and learn how to do costume makeup.”

So now that she gets to play a doctor, “it really feels full circle. My parents are thrilled by this. They’re sort of like living out their moment.”

I am sure they have been living out their moments with her ever since she became an actress. Not only does she excel in every role, but she is also a caring individual who gives back all of the time. What more could any parent want?


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