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Amber Rose’s Psycho spoof has a surprise twist!
April 5th, 2018 under Amber Rose, Sex Toys. [ Comments: 3 ]

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Amber Rose shot a commercial in the shower that is reminiscent of the iconic shower scene in the horror movie Psycho. What company would ask her do that? Her own because it is for her line of sex toys by Lelo. By the looks of her face, she is really enjoying it. Almost as much as the boys watching it.


Why did The Real’s Jeannie Mai’s mom send her 150 blow up love dolls?
February 1st, 2018 under Sex Toys, The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Jeannie Mai got a package from Amazon and inside was something shocking. Actually, 150 shocking things. Someone sent her package of 150 blow up sex dolls and she did not know who sent them. So she told her The Real co-hosts that she sent the box back and did not keep any of them. Much to Loni Love’s despair for “her friend”.

Then a few days later, her mom asked if she got a package with a doll that has an open mouth. Of course, the daughter wanted to know why her mom sent them. Mama Mai gifted them to her because her daughter is divorcing, and not for the reason you think. She was all prepared to blow them up, so it did not look like Jeannie was home alone and was always having a party. Which is really sweet if you think about.

I might take the one out of my car, that I use to ride in the car pool lane, and put in my bedroom so it looks like I finally have a man in there. And since he is a sex doll, I can pretend I have one too. Win/win.


This song was created by using just sex toys!
November 9th, 2017 under Sex Toys. [ Comments: none ]

Pornhub is now selling a line of sex toys and they came up with an interesting way to let people know about them. They asked Perlita to come up with a theme song for them but with one condition. They could only use their products to make the music. They were more than excited to do it. Therefore, they picked up some vibrators, butt plugs, strokers and floggers and put down a tune that is unlike anything you have heard before and will ever hear again. But it is a great song to listen when you are playing with all of the above or that someone special to get you in the mood.

It will not make the Billboard charts, but it will definitely to top our charts. Unless you are a bottom! Ba da bump.

And with all of that, you now know what to get that special person in your life for Christmas who you never know what to give them as a gift.

Finally, how long until Jimmy Fallon tries this on The Tonight Show. He’s tried classroom instruments and office supplies, now it is time for him to add sex toy to list. How hot would that be?


With a sex toy like this, men will never leave the house ever again
June 21st, 2017 under Sex Toys. [ Comments: none ]

Sex Toys have come a long way for men since the blowup doll. There has been the cock ring, penis pumps and Fleshlights. While those were all fine and dandy, and got the job done, none of them have anything on the 3Fap.

What is the 3Fap and why will it keep men home once they get one? It is “the first sex toy that will incorporate an individual female model’s mouth, vulva, and anus onto one product, allowing you to experience multi-orifice sex.” Each hole has a different feel, the mouth is zig-zagged, the vajayjay is ribbed for his pleasure and the the butt hole is tight and smooth. If that is not enough for you guys, like a Dyson vacuum cleaner, it has the perfect amount of suction.

How much does the best adult toy ever created for men cost? Appropriately $69! If you don’t want to have 3 different type of holes to play with. It also comes with three of the same homes to cum in. You can feel like you are at an orgy or a Rainbow party without actually have to leave your house.

Don’t know what to get that special man in your life for his birthday or Christmas or your anniversary? Now you do. Get him the 3Fap. He will never leave home.

Ladies, why can’t we get a toy like that? How about three different sized vibrators? Could you imagine? The starter, the climaxer and the one that hits it out of the park like Barry Bonds. Although, we will have a much different bond with that bat!


What do you get the mom who has everything?
May 10th, 2017 under Sex Toys. [ Comments: none ]

Sunday is Mother’s Day and did you get your mom a present for her day? Nope? Then Pornhub has the perfect gift to give her. It is Mommy’s Special Glasses and it is free.

What is Mommy’s Special Glasses? Your mom will get a card with a greeting that says, “May your favorite day of the year…become the best night of your life,” “I hope this gift warms your heart…as well as some other parts,” or “After all of these of letting you down…it’s about time you got something BIG and satisfying for once.” Along with the greeting card, she also gets Virtual Reality glasses for her smartphone attached to it that will give Adult Entertainment a whole new exciting feel. Something mom needs and hopefully daddy is there to give it to her!

I can’t think of a better present to give mom? Can you? She will thank you from this Mother’s Day until next year’s. Let’s just hope she doesn’t tell you how thankful she is for your gift in detail. Then you will regret giving her the gift that keeps on giving.


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