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Rod Stewart loves his clothes so much, he sings about them!
June 24th, 2019 under Rod Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

Rod Stewart once asked, “Da ya think I’m sexy?” The answer will always be yes. What makes him so sexy is his clothes. Well, one of the many things.

The singer took us into his closet and he sang about his shiny threads in a way only he can. Some guys have all the luck. However, in this case, it is his clothes who have all the luck. Not only do they get to cover his body, but he also serenades them with his raspy voice.

BTW I am going to move my exercise bike into my closet. If I see the outfits I want to fit into, then I will be more willing to work out. It is a real motivator. Thanks, Rod for the tip.


Sir Rod Stewart is retiring aspects of his life
May 30th, 2019 under Rod Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

Rod Stewart is 74 years old and he is ready to retire. Wait before you freak out, he told The Sun, he is done with Rock’n’Roll and wants to transition to Jazz standards. Which is pretty much retiring. Unless he does he songs in the style of Jazz.

Another thing the father of 8 retired from is having any more kids. Or as he put it, “My cue is back in the rack, the banana’s back in the fruit bowl.” Before he married Penny Lancaster in 2007, he was getting bored of sex with long-legged models. He enjoys being with love of his life more than sleeping with everyone woman who comes his way,

Now that he is just with one woman, does he still think he is sexy? Yes, does and he should because he is still sexy! That raspy voice with the blonde spikes and the way he moves can turn anyone on.

Anyone but Elton John because they are no longer talking. Their on again-off again friendship is off again.

Talking about Elton, his biopic is coming out tomorrow, would Rod do one about his life that is just as rockin’? Hell, yes! Now, who should play him is another the question? His youngest two sons offered to play the younger versions of him.

What keeps him forever young? Besides 8 kids, sex with his wife and Rock’n’Roll? His model trains. He actually has someone look over them when he is on the road. I want that job!

These youngsters today can say they are true rockers, but they are nowhere as cool as the OGs!


Rod Stewart had to fire a publicist for spreading a rumor about him!
March 22nd, 2018 under Andy Cohen, Cyndi Lauper, Rod Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but I had that rumor about Rod Stewart. The one where he had to get his stomach pumped because he had too much man juice in his belly. Yesterday, when he was on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked him if that rumor bothered him.

Before he could answer, Cyndi Lauper asked him what rumor? That is when he revealed it was his mean publicist who was the one that started it and Stewart fired him over it.

For you youngsters and people like Lauper who don’t know what the rumor is, he told everyone what it was. He said the rumor was, “That I was ??? by 12 sailors, and I had to be taken to San Fransisco hospital and have me tummy pumped to get all the semen out.” That is a lot of seamen’s semen.

On a different note, Stewart was also asked about Elton John’s retirement tour. The sexy singer told Cohen, “It stinks of selling tickets.” When Andy brought up Cher’s retirement tours, Lauper said that she really did want to retire and then realized what a mistake she made. When it comes to how Rod will do it, he says he will just fade away. Something I hope he never does. I have seen him a few times and he always puts on great show! And not just for all of the sailors in the audience.


Da ya think DNCE is sexy?
August 25th, 2017 under Jonas Brothers, Rod Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1978, Rod Stewart released Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? Now nearly 40 years later, DNCE is updating the baby making tune with the Rock legend himself.

Which is pretty incredible because if you think about it, most likely none of the parents of the band members were thinking about having sex back when the song came out. At least not with each other. Especially, when you consider the oldest member of the group is 35. Which really proves how timeless the song truly is. I mean if there is excitement to work on a song that came out years before you were born, it proves it will still be around for your kids to enjoy when they are the age that they are now. I mean, who does not like singing those lyrics to their lover and sexily moving their body to the beat? I know I do and this version works even better for that purpose!

BTW my hat is off to DNCE to being working with all these legends with raspy voices. They started the week off jamming with Bonnie Tyler as they all sang Total Eclipse of the Heart during the total eclipse and then they are ending the week rocking with Rod Stewart at the VMAs on Sunday with this number. What do you think of this remixed version of the hit?


Rod Stewart can still get the ladies to give him her bra!
July 27th, 2017 under Rod Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1978, Rod Stewart asked his female fans Da Ya Think I’m Sexy and now 38 years later they are still telling him that he is their infatuation. Case in point, the other night at a concert a fan threw her bra at him. He picked it up and started twistin’ the night away with it. Proving at 72, he is forever young and that the ladies can still make this old heart of mine beat a little faster. I guess you can say some guys have all the luck, and the Sir is one of them!

This video reminds me I so have to see him in concert again because he puts on one of helluva show.


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