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Ricky Martin doesn’t need a bathing suit!
September 18th, 2023 under Ricky Martin. [ Comments: none ]

Ricky Martin is newly single, so he wants to look his best while he is livin’ la vida loca. One of the ways he is doing that is by getting some sun. However, he doesn’t want any tan lines. So, he laid out completely naked. And now he is ready to bang! Because he bangs, he bangs!

Someone call General Hospital and tell them I am on my way. Because the 51-year-old looks amazing in the buff, and it is too much for me to handle.


Enrique Iglesias is too good to walk after a show
September 27th, 2021 under Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin. [ Comments: none ]

Enrique Iglesias played a show with Ricky Martin over the weekend. When it was over, Martin walked with everyone else backstage. However, Iglesias was carried by singer Sebastian Yatra. Who knew he was such a Divo?

Ariana Grande should watch out because Enrique is going to claim your title of biggest Diva in Rock after Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, and Jennifer Hudson.


Behind the Music is back on July 29th
May 17th, 2021 under Busta Rhymes, Huey Lewis, J-Lo, Paramount+, Ricky Martin. [ Comments: none ]

Remember when VH1 used to air Behind the Music, and we learned the scandalous life stories of musicians we knew and didn’t know about? Well, it is back on July 29th, and it is available exclusively on Paramount+.

The artists they are focusing on for season 1 are Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, Ricky Martin, Huey Lewis, Busta Rhymes, and Fat Joe.

Who do you want them to go behind the music with for the second season because you know there is going to be one? I also want follow-ups on celebrities they did the first time, like Leif Garret.


Ricky Martin goes bleached blonde
January 21st, 2021 under Ricky Martin. [ Comments: none ]

Ricky Martin is bored, so he decided to change up his look. What did he do? He bleached his beard blonde. I don’t know what he was thinking because that is not a good look at all.

Thankfully, it is a quick fix. All he needs to do is get the razor out and shave it off.


BTWF: Ricky Martin for Orange Crush
December 15th, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Jimmy Fallon, Ricky Martin. [ Comments: none ]

Before girls all over the World had a crush on Ricky Martin when he was in Menudo, he was drinking Orange Crush. How awwwwdorable was the 7-year-old in that 1979 commercial?

To hear that story on how he landed that ad, watch what he told Jimmy Fallon yesterday on The Tonight Show.


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