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Enrique Iglesias’ twins giggle with him!
May 25th, 2019 under Enrique Iglesias. [ Comments: none ]

Enrique Iglesias‘ twins are getting so big and now they know how to laugh at things. The laughter of the two 17-month-olds is the sweetest sound. No one knows that more than their proud pop. Therefore, the singer will do anything to make Nicholas and Lucy giggle. Even if that means looking like the dorkiest dad in the world. Which he does, but who cares his kids are loving almost as much as him.


Enrique Iglesias’ twins push him around
March 31st, 2019 under Enrique Iglesias. [ Comments: none ]

Enrique Iglesias’ twins are 15 months old and they are learning how to walk. Which means they might not be old enough to learn how to drive. However, the proud pop bought them a car for when they are old enough. Since he cannot wait, he is driving the car around and having them push him around so they will learn how to walk faster. At this rate, they will be cruising around Miami Beach before they are toilet trained.


Enrique Iglesias is a goofy dad around his twins!
August 30th, 2018 under Enrique Iglesias. [ Comments: none ]

Back in December, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova welcomed twins, and yesterday the proud papa finally showed them both off together.

While we are used to seeing him singing for an audience, that is not what he did for them. He ran back and forth like a big old turkey making that sound and they gobbled up every second of it. They could not stop giggling at him. And we can not stop laughing with the precious little 8-month-old babies.

There is nothing better than to see a father be all goofy around his kids and hearing them laugh. Babies’ laughter is the best medicine.


Enrique Iglesias’ baby is attached to his hip!
May 1st, 2018 under Enrique Iglesias. [ Comments: none ]

You know the expression, “attached at the hip”? Well, for Enrique Iglesias that is literally the case with his 5-month-old baby. The little tyke is clutching to his hip and now way they are letting go. He can’t believe it his child and I cannot believe how cute it is.

Why I am being gender neutral? Because his twins are a boy and a girl and I am not sure which one that cutie is?


Enrique Iglesias can’t stop kissing his daughter!
March 5th, 2018 under Enrique Iglesias. [ Comments: none ]

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova became parents to twins back in December and have yet to talk about them. All we have seen is two pictures of them in January, one from each parent.

Well yesterday, the proud pop decided to kiss and tell about his daughter. Actually, he just kept kissing her and she was begging him to stop. At least that is what her face was saying as she was imploring anyone to help protect her from the kissing monster. What she does not realize is that she will never get away from. No daughter can ever break free of their dad’s and that is a good thing.

Seriously, how awwwwdorable is this video? A father’s love is the most precious thing.


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