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Will the Fraiser sequel smell as good as he does?
September 14th, 2023 under Kelsey Grammer, Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

We’ve been hearing about the Fraiser sequel for five years. And today, Paramount+ released the trailer for the series.

I am the rare sitcom lover who never loved the original show. But I am actually curious about Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) getting to know his son Freddy (Jack Cutmore-Scott), who hates his pompous father.

Fraiser debuts with two episodes on October 12th, and the remaining eight episodes will be released weekly.


Ed and Dex are back to welcome you to Good Burger 2
August 21st, 2023 under Kenan Thompson, Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

It has been 26 since Good Burger came out. And ever since then, fans have been waiting for a sequel to the movie that was based on the Nickelodeon series that was based on a sketch from All That.

Well, their waiting is almost over because Paramount+ announced they are doing a sequel with Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson that comes out this Fall. Today, they released the first teaser for the movie, and I can already hear the fans’ excitement.

The movie follows Dexter Reed (Thompson) and original cashier Ed (Mitchell) as they reunite in the present day at fast-food restaurant Good Burger with a hilarious new group of employees.

The streaming service also announced that All That and Good Burger OGs’ Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server will also reprise their roles in the film. All that will make the ’90s Nick kids even more thrilled for this film.

How giddy did you get when you hear Kenan and Kel say, “Welcome to Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger. Can we take your order?”


Paramount+ cancels and pulls Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies and 3 more shows
June 23rd, 2023 under Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

I love Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies. I thought the musical series was the best new show of the season. However, not enough people agreed with me. So Paramount+ will not be ordering a second season. To make matters worse, they are removing the series from the streaming service.

It is not the only show that learned this fate today from the streamer. Paramount+ did the same to the animated Star Trek: Prodigy, the competition series Queen of the Universe, and the revival of The Game.

However, The Hollywood Reporter is saying they are shopping the series around to find them a new home. Hopefully, the Pink Ladies will rise somewhere else.


School Spirits gets a sophomore season
June 20th, 2023 under Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

School Spirits is the sleeper hit on Paramount+. Therefore, it makes sense they would give the show a second season.

Especially after that season finale that changed everything up. But I won’t spoil it for you. And now that you know it will be back for a second season, why don’t you check it out if you didn’t watch it yet?

Why do you want to check it out? Maddie (Peyton List) wakes up at her school, but no one can see or hear her because she is dead. Well, not everyone. There are other spirits who died there, and they are trapped there alongside her. The difference is they know how they died. She doesn’t. Now, she is trying to figure out how she died and where her body is.

When she finds out what happened to her, everything changes. And that is why fans of the show are relieved we will get more because they couldn’t leave us hanging like that. It was that good of a cliffhanger.


Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies had its Beauty School Dropout moment!
May 29th, 2023 under Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies is the prequel to the musical we didn’t know we needed. And it is just what we wanted.

During the last Thursday’s episode, we had a moment that reminded us of a scene from the original play. And we got the best musical number of the series so far.

Nancy (Tricia Fukuhara) is upset that the Pink Ladies broke up, and she wants to get them back together. However, when she confronts them, she makes things even worse.

So, she decides she is going to drop out of high school and move to NYC to pursue her dream of being a fashion designer.

And that is when she gets a vision from the Angel of Fashion who gives her some Brutal Honesty.

Will it be enough to get her to stay at Rydell? You will just have to watch the series on Paramount+ to find out. What else are you watching? Everything you were watching has ended, so it is time to pick up something new. And something that is so enjoyable with fantastic musical numbers.

Just like the one above! That is just a glimpse of the excellence you have been missing out on.

Fun fact: Justin Tranter, who played the Angel of Fashion, is also the music composer for the series.


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