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[ # ] Adam Pascal does not rent out hugs
April 19th, 2019 under RENT

Sometimes when you see a celebrity that has touched your life, you just want to hug them as a show of appreciation. However, you might not have considered how they feel about being touched by someone they do not know.

Adam Pascal is one of the celebs who does not like it, so the Rent star took to social media to let his fans know how he feels. He wrote, “I don’t know how or where else to address this so I’m doing here. I hope all the people that Need to see see it. If you are not a close friend or a member of my family don’t fucking hug me I don’t know you, it’s an invasion of my space and a violation of my boundaries. Would you hug a stranger on the street because that’s what l am. Use your head and have some respect.”

I can see where he is coming from, but to that stranger, he might feel like something more. Especially, if it is someone who has seen Rent more than 525,600 minutes, I mean, times.


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