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Dancing with the Stars off the plank
May 20th, 2007 under Dancing with the Stars, Pirates of the Caribbean. [ Comments: none ]

It is so nice to see Len Goodman and the Dancing with the Stars smiling and having fun at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere. 

Johnny Depp and Keith Richards do Rolling Stone
May 17th, 2007 under Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rolling Stones. [ Comments: none ]

Rolling Stone recently interviewed Johnny Depp and Keith Richards aka Jack Sparrow and his dad about Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Just as you would expect the two of them are so cute together! Here are excerpts from the interview, you can check out Rolling Stone for even more of the interview.

Was it hard to convince you to be a part of this "Pirates" film franchise?
RICHARDS: It was the right place at the right time with the right guys. And, you know, because he's an asshole.

DEPP: Truth be told.

So you have seen the movie, Keith?
RICHARDS: Oh, shit, yeah. How can you not with your grandkids around? I saw it when Pirates 1 came out. Pirates 2 I did fall asleep in, but I'd been up for three days.

DEPP:I might have fallen asleep myself.

Keith, did you recognize anything similar right away between you and the character?
RICHARDS: He gave me a call when he started doing promos for Pirates 1: "Before you read this shit, I have got to say that I did base certain parts of my character on you." Well, thanks, Johnny, for letting me know. Otherwise I would have sued your ass [laughs].

And when did you get the thought, Johnny, to ask Keith to be your father onscreen?
DEPP: We had dinner in New York, hanging out, right after Pirates. I was never sure that he would even go for it.

RICHARDS: I had a week off, Johnny.

DEPP: Time well spent.

RICHARDS: Yeah, the rest of the Stones are kicking their asses back, and I'm a pirate. Just something different to do. I don't know if I can really pull it or not. Either that or it would be one line and out.

How is he doing?
DEPP: Fucking great, man. Two-take Richards.

Johnny, has the huge success of the first two Pirates movies surprised you?
DEPP: It surprised the shit out of me, because I'm used to about eighteen people seeing my movies.

And what, if anything, can you tell us about the third movie?
RICHARDS: You're looking at it now [points to his costume].



Artist Paul Karslake on his painting that inspired Jack Sparrow
March 20th, 2007 under Johnny Depp, Paul Karslake, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rolling Stones. [ Comments: none ]


As many of you know Johnny Depp got the inspiration for Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Sparrow from a painting he saw of Keith Richards by Paul Karslake. Karslake is the brother-in-law of Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood, and he is also an extremely talented painter.

When you look at that picture now, you can totally see Jack Sparrow and where Johnny Depp got his character from. So I asked Karslake what it was like to have created the painting that inspired Jack Sparrow and he had this say, "Having a character in a film as enormous as 'pirates' based on a painting created by me is just about the most fantastic compliment an artist can get, it has made me so much more confident as an artist and injected me with enthusiasm in what can be a very thankless and tough career."

A career that is made up of some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Twiggy and Robert Deniro to name a few. I forgot what classic beauty was all about until I saw his art. He also captured the essence of some of the most meaningful people of the 20th Century in a way I have never seen before. So check out his amazing talent at the Artisan Galleries website! I promise you will be as impressed as much as Johnny Depp and I are of his work!


The first photo of Jack Sparrow and his dad!!!
December 21st, 2006 under Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rolling Stones. [ Comments: 1 ]

Sorry photo removed by studio request
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, Martin Klebba as Marty and Keith Richards as Sparrow’s swashbuckling dad from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (it’s now officially "World’s" and not "Worlds"). Directed by Gore Verbinski and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the highly-anticipated third installment sails into theaters on May 25.
Keith Richards makes an uglier pirate than he does a rocker…ewww. His face looks like a rubber mask, but I think it is real…ewwww. Now Johnny looks hot as always!!!

For Your Consideration – Pirates of the Caribbean 2
December 3rd, 2006 under Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean. [ Comments: 1 ]

How cool would it be if Johnny Depp finally won an Oscar. He so deserves one! 

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