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Keira Knightley wants to walk the POTC plank?
November 10th, 2006 under Keira Knightley, Pirates of the Caribbean. [ Comments: none ]

Keira knightley’s swashbuckling days are over for good. The Oscar-nominated actress shoots her last scene today as pirate wench Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates Of The Caribbean films and she has told the movie’s producers that she doesn’t want to participate in any further sequels. Keira’s co-star in the series, Johnny Depp, has already said that he would consider playing the ramshackle pirate Captain Jack Sparrow – famously modelled on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards – as long as the scripts remained good. Depp has an added incentive to carry on with the films because he’s getting a share of the lucrative Jack Sparrow merchandising. The third instalment, At World’s End, has been shooting on and off for a year. (Production shut down at one point because of bad weather.) In between filming, Keira was nominated for a best actress Academy Award for Pride And Prejudice, attended various Knightley: Buckled her last swash premieres of Dead Man’s Chest: Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 (the DVD of which comes out on November 20) and then made Atonement, with director Joe Wright. Shooting resumed in late summer and Keira was reunited with Depp and some of England’s finest actors (and most notorious mickey-takers); men such as Bill Nighy, Mackenzie Crook, Tom Hollander and Jack Davenport. "I’ve been playing this girl since I was 17," Keira told me on the set of Atonement. "I’m 21 now and I’m onto very different things, but it’s fun to try to invest Elizabeth with some rebellious spirit. "But what I’m doing in Atonement is very different. I mean, she is a grown-up woman!" Keira is far too polite to say, but I suspect that she won’t be sorry to say goodbye to Elizabeth Swann.

Daily Mail 

Although she will have a career post POTC, I never understand why actors leave a sucessful franchise.



Polly want a cracker or an acting job on Pirates of the Caribbean?
November 9th, 2006 under Animals, Pirates of the Caribbean. [ Comments: 3 ]

Parrots are being invited to audition for a "squawk-on" part in the new Pirates Of The Caribbean film. The successful bird will join Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom on the island of Dominica to shoot the third instalment of the Hollywood hit. And it will act as the official "spokesparrot" for the DVD launch of the second Pirates film, Dead Man’s Chest, later this month. The auditions will be held at Disney’s HQ in Hammersmith, west London, on November 16. They are open to all parrots which can speak and are able to learn a script. A spokesman said: "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a parrot with a big personality. We hope to uncover the next A-list feathered superstar." "The winning parrot will need to have an outgoing personality, remain calm under pressure and have screen presence." "No previous acting or promotional experience is necessary, but those that have worked in film and television before should note that divas and parrots with attitude are not wanted." Promotional duties for the DVD launch will include media interviews, photoshoots and personal appearances. The judging panel will comprise Disney executives, Pirates of the Caribbean animal trainer Mark Harden and parrot expert Peter Bloom. Bloom said: "Most parrots can talk if they are given the right encouragement and I’m sure that there are plenty out there that have a great chance of winning this audition." "Amazon parrots and African Greys are the most talkative, so anyone that owns one has got a great chance." "Although the auditions is reasonably technical, people shouldn’t be put off because if a bird is predisposed to talking then they can learn to say pretty much anything." Harden added: "Obviously speaking is important but, ironically, when on set the most important thing is that the parrot can sit quietly on somebody’s shoulder – in this case a pirate – and not muck around with the character’s hair, hat or earrings." Details of the auditions are available at Parrots unable to attend are invited to submit their screen test via email, DVD or video.

Daily Mail 

That is classic! Love it!!! 


Pirates of the Caribbean 4 confirmed!
November 5th, 2006 under Pirates of the Caribbean. [ Comments: 2 ]

Capt. Jack Sparrow will buckle his swash for a fourth instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Jerry Bruckheimer confirms. "We’ve got a good jump on a story we’re going to do," the producer tells the Sun when asked about continuing Sparrow’s adventures beyond next summer’s At Worlds End. "We hope to (do more sequels)." Clearly, any plans to leave Pirates a trilogy ended about the time July’s Dead Man’s Chest grossed a record-shattering US$132 million in its opening weekend, eventually crossing the $1 billion mark in worldwide box office. Key to any Pirates 4, 5 or 6 is the participation of Johnny Depp, of course; fortunately for Bruckheimer and Co., Depp has publicly stated he’d be up for more high-seas action. The third episode will bow in May during an impossibly competitive month that also sees Spider-Man 3 and Shrek The Third premiere. (Reports Orlando Bloom would be killed off in the third instalment have been officially denied, although one has to wonder how much longer Bloom wants to play second mate to an over-the-top Depp.) Joining Depp, Bloom and Keira Knightley in At Worlds End — which is still shooting — are Chow Yun Fat (as Capt. Sao Feng) and, in a cameo, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. "He was great to be with. He didn’t want to leave; he was having the best time," Bruckheimer says.


I hope they get rid of Bloom and add Richards for the 4th one!


The portrait that inspired Jack Sparrow
October 30th, 2006 under Paul Karslake, Pirates of the Caribbean. [ Comments: none ]


A portrait of Keith Richards which inspired Johnny Depp’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean will be unveiled to the public today. The two-metre tall canvas depicts the Rolling Stones guitarist as a swashbuckling pirate complete with cutlass. It was painted by artist Paul Karslake, the brother-in-law of Richards’ bandmate Ronnie Wood, and was seen by Depp. It goes on display at London’s Artisan Gallery.

Daily Mail 

OMG that really looks like Jack Sparrow, and now it makes more sense why Johnny Depp was so insistent that Keith Richards play his dad!



Orlando Bloom being written out of POTC4?
October 8th, 2006 under Pirates of the Caribbean. [ Comments: 3 ]

Orlando Bloom’s much-loved character in Pirates of the Caribbean will reportedly be killed off in the fourth installment of the Disney series, as producers struggle to "cut costs.” According to British newspaper reports, Bloom’s character Will Turner is deemed "not necessary" to the sea-faring saga, although his cast mates Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp are unaffected by the cutbacks. A Disney insider tells British newspaper The Daily Star Sunday, "Pirates of The Caribbean has proved a huge hit and made a fortune for everyone involved. "A huge chunk of that success is on the shoulders of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Love interest Keira Knightley, who plays Elizabeth Swann is a huge hit. "But producers and directors are now trying to cut costs. Orlando Bloom has suffered as a result. "The script for the fourth Pirates movie is being worked on and all the finances are in place but it was decided Bloom’s character and a number of minor roles were not necessary to ensure it would be yet another box office smash for Disney."


I won’t miss him, now if it were Johnny Depp I would not go see the movie!


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