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May 17th, 2007 under Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rolling Stones

Rolling Stone recently interviewed Johnny Depp and Keith Richards aka Jack Sparrow and his dad about Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Just as you would expect the two of them are so cute together! Here are excerpts from the interview, you can check out Rolling Stone for even more of the interview.

Was it hard to convince you to be a part of this "Pirates" film franchise?
RICHARDS: It was the right place at the right time with the right guys. And, you know, because he's an asshole.

DEPP: Truth be told.

So you have seen the movie, Keith?
RICHARDS: Oh, shit, yeah. How can you not with your grandkids around? I saw it when Pirates 1 came out. Pirates 2 I did fall asleep in, but I'd been up for three days.

DEPP:I might have fallen asleep myself.

Keith, did you recognize anything similar right away between you and the character?
RICHARDS: He gave me a call when he started doing promos for Pirates 1: "Before you read this shit, I have got to say that I did base certain parts of my character on you." Well, thanks, Johnny, for letting me know. Otherwise I would have sued your ass [laughs].

And when did you get the thought, Johnny, to ask Keith to be your father onscreen?
DEPP: We had dinner in New York, hanging out, right after Pirates. I was never sure that he would even go for it.

RICHARDS: I had a week off, Johnny.

DEPP: Time well spent.

RICHARDS: Yeah, the rest of the Stones are kicking their asses back, and I'm a pirate. Just something different to do. I don't know if I can really pull it or not. Either that or it would be one line and out.

How is he doing?
DEPP: Fucking great, man. Two-take Richards.

Johnny, has the huge success of the first two Pirates movies surprised you?
DEPP: It surprised the shit out of me, because I'm used to about eighteen people seeing my movies.

And what, if anything, can you tell us about the third movie?
RICHARDS: You're looking at it now [points to his costume].



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