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It looks like the networks are not mad about Mad About You
July 11th, 2018 under Paul Reiser. [ Comments: none ]

A few months ago, Paul Reiser was all excited for a Mad About You revival series, but now things are looking a lot less optimistic. He told The Tampa Bay Times, “Sony is trying to figure out from their end; that’s where I just walk away and go, call me when you figure it out. I don’t know what happens at that level. They make their deals with whoever they make their deals with. So we’ll see if it happens. It may not happen. It likely won’t happen. My guess is it won’t happen.”

Reiser is hoping if it does happen, to get it on a streaming service over a broadcast channel, and even that is not looking likely at this point.

He kind of hinted that the problem might be the concept. He wants to do the show about their daughter Mable going away to college, and he and Jamie (Helen Hunt) are trying to deal with being just a couple again. Something many people do when their kids grow up and leave the house.

How mad would you be if Mad About You did not happen?


Mad About You is Thicslose to happening
April 12th, 2018 under Ellen DeGeneres, Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser. [ Comments: none ]

Hours after Helen Hunt told Ellen DeGeneres that she and Paul Reiser have been meetings in her kitchen a lot recently about doing a Mad About You revival, Entertainment Weekly reports that they closed a deal with Sony to bring back the show. Now it is up to the studio to sell the show to a network and Mad About You will join Will & Grace and Roseanne on our TVs again.

Since those two shows have been successful, it seems like a no-brainer for NBC to be the one that picks it up since they aired it the first time. At this rate, NBC will only air revivals of their old sitcoms on Thursdays. I would not be surprised if they are talking to the casts of Wing, Family Ties and Night Court to bring those comedies back. I am rooting most for the last one. What shows do you want to see back on TV?

When it comes to Mad About You returning to the airwaves, I am lukewarm. I watched it, but it is nothing that makes me say it needs to come back. Do you think it does?


We are another step closer to a Mad About You revival
March 30th, 2018 under Helen Hunt, James Corden, Paul Reiser. [ Comments: none ]

Back in December, Paul Reiser said he was interested in a Mad About You Reunion. Yesterday when his TV wife Helen Hunt was on The Late Late Show, she told James Corden that she is also up for it.

But it gets even better than that, she revealed to the CBS host that she and Reiser had breakfast earlier in the day at her house to talk about it. They just don’t want it to “suck”. Then she shared with us, “We would like to do it. Although, we felt very proud of what we did. We just don’t want to wreck it and make it sucky. That’s the goal.”

And with that confirmation, NBC is probably calling them as you read this and offering them a 10-episode deal. Soon it will be nothing but our childhood’s on TV. You know what, I am OK with that. Very OK with that!


Could Mad About You be the next revival?
December 27th, 2017 under Paul Reiser, Revivals-Reboots, Stupid Sequels/Remakes. [ Comments: none ]

Last month, Paul Reiser told Larry King that he was finally “open” to a Mad About You revival and now there are rumors that Sony is shopping it around for a limited run. According to TV Line, the revival would center around Paul and Jamie Buchman becoming empty nesters because their daughter is going off to college.

I, for one, would love to see how they would react to having the apartment to themselves again. You know, they would be wanting to try to have sex in the living room when someone would come barging through the door. Acting like newlyweds, who have actually been married forever.


Paul Reiser talks about his show being cancelled!!!
April 26th, 2011 under NBC, Paul Reiser. [ Comments: none ]

Paul Reiser was booked on The Tonight Show last week to talk about his new show The Paul Reiser Show before it got cancelled on Friday. So on Sunday when I saw he was one of the guests on the show I wondered if he was going to do to the late night show what NBC did to him. Well he proved he has balls of steel because he appeared on the show 3 days after his show got the ax after just 2 airings. Luckily he had a good sense of humor about it, which is something I think his now defunct show was missing.
The Mad About you star said to Jay Leno, “They said, ‘They decided we are going to pull the plug because not enough people are watching.’ Which is odd because it is on NBC. And NBC, to my knowledge, they don’t traditionally make bad decisions.” And Jay responded with a chuckle, “Really?” To which Paul questioned him, “Have you had that expression? I don’t know what your experience is…” The former-prime time talk show host just threw his hands up and laughed.
If the My Two Dads star did jokes like this on his show, it seriously might’ve lasted more than two showings.
In fact he went to joke about it because when Christina Aguilera, who was sitting next to him, said she now feared for her new show The Voice that debuts on NBC at 9p, he told her not to worry because NBC spent the advertising dollars on his show to promote her’s! Me and ow!!!


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