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Nobodies go back to being nobodies
June 24th, 2018 under Melissa McCarthy, Paramount Network, TV Land. [ Comments: none ]

Melissa McCarthy produced sitcom Nobodies was given a second season renewal on TV Land. Then it was moved to its sister station Paramount Network. After 2 airings on its new home, it was returned to its original one. I guess neither liked it, so according to The Hollywood Reporter, it was cancelled.

Personally, I am surprised it was picked up for a second season because it was one of the unfunniest comedies I have ever seen.


American Woman is not as groovy as the ’70s
June 7th, 2018 under Freeform, Paramount Network. [ Comments: none ]

Alicia Silverstone is once again living in Beverly Hills, but tonight at 10p on Paramount Network she is doing it in the ’70s. American Woman is not Claire Horowitz grown up because she would have chosen better than this.

Remember in 2008, when CBS took us back to the Disco era with the drama Swingtown? All you wanted to do was put on your boogie shoes and travel back in time? This show will not cause you to feel the same way.

Bonnie (Silvertone) is a rich Beverly Hills wife, who is expected to be just that. Her husband (James Tupper) wants her to stay home and take care of him and their children. Even if he is messing around behind her back. When she finds that out, she kicks him out of the house. Shortly after she does, she finds out he has embezzled all of their money away and she is broke.

Now she has to get a job and support herself. In a time when women are first entering the job force. How will she handle her new life going from a Beverly Hills Housewife to a working single mom?

She still has her small group of friends, but what about the ones who just pretended to like her when she had money. Will they want to know her now that she does not?

When it comes to her friends, Kathleen (Mena Suvari) wants to work in the movies. She will do anything to get that job. Diana (Jennifer Bartels) works in a bank, but all of the men keep getting ahead while she is stuck in the same job. She wants to be treated equal, but her boss does not agree.

This is a time when women were finally getting out of the house and earning their own ways. This is the story of three women hoping to the same.

I wish I could say more positive things about it, but somehow this half-hour drama makes the groovy ’70s look absolutely dull. Even the clothes are a downer and they should be upper like the drugs they are taking back then. There is sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll on this show and even that cannot save American Woman.

I thought of something positive to say. As much as I hated American Woman, I liked it so much better than Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger that debuts at 8p tonight. I cannot even review the teen drama because after watching two episodes, I still have absolutely no idea what is going on on the show.


Paramount Networks does a Heathers and kills the show
June 2nd, 2018 under Paramount Network. [ Comments: none ]

Heathers was supposed to air on TV Land, but then it was moved to its new sister channel Paramount Network. Then the series based on the 1988 movie was supposed to debut in March, but then the Parkland shooting happened. Then the show about kids from a high school suddenly dying off was moved to July, but then the Sante Fe shooting happened. Therefore now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it will not be airing at all on their network.

All hope is not dead, like one of the Heathers, it is being shopped around along with its second season that was mostly written and set in another era.

When it comes to decision, I think they made the right one. The dark comedy was able to get away its plot in the late ’80s because we were still 10 years away from school shootings. Now in the year of 2018, it is a little too real. Especially since one episode starts off with what looks like a school shooting, but was really a kid playing a video game. If they could get rid of the deaths, then maybe it can air. But that is a major plot point, so there is no way around it.

When it comes to basing the show around the time of Marie Antoinette, I am actually interested in that. Translation, let them eat cake!


Greetings and salutations, Heathers gets a new premiere date!
May 1st, 2018 under Paramount Network. [ Comments: 2 ]

A post shared by Heathers (@heathers) on

The Heathers reboot was supposed to debut on Paramount Network in March; but due to the high school shooting in Parkland, they decided to hold it. Today, they announced that the show based on the 1988 movie, will now premiere on July 10th.

The Dramedy stars Grace Victoria Cox, Brendan Scannell, James Scully, Melanie Field, Jasmine Mathews, Selma Blair and Shannen Doherty. While the plot is like the cult classic, it is very different from it. It is modernized for the new millennium. Therefore, fans of the original will love and so will people who never saw the feature.

Therefore, mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss this date.


Michael Bolton gets his Gangsta on!
March 19th, 2018 under Michael Bolton, Paramount Network. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen Michael Bolton as a rocker. We have heard him belt out Adult Contemporary. Now we will see him do rap. But don’t worry, it is for one night only.

This Thursday, he will be mouthing Coolio’s Gangsta Paradise on Paramount Network’s Lip Sync Battle. Looking at that sneak peek, I think he should have done Weird Al Yankovic’s take on instead. I think that looked more like an Amish Paradise as compared to a Gangsta one.

What did you think?


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