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Frasier will back on the air on September
July 17th, 2024 under Kelsey Grammer. [ Comments: none ]

Frasier spent 20 years off the air. However, Kelsey Grammer returned to the airwaves last year.

Fans of the sitcom were so happy to see Frasier back that they had to stream the series, so Paramount+ renewed it for a second season.

Today, they announced that season 2 will debut on September 19th.

That is not the only news we got. Dr. Crane will return to his radio roots at KACL in Seattle for an episode. The episode will feature previously announced guest stars stepping back into their roles from the original Frasier including Dan Butler as Bob “Bulldog” Briscoe, Edward Hibbert as Gil Chesterton and Harriet Sansom Harris as Frasier’s delightfully devilish agent, Bebe Glazer.

They are not the only guest stars we are going to see. Along with Peri Gilpin reprising her role, we can expect to see Rachel Bloom, Yvette Nicole Brown, Greer Grammer, Patricia Heaton, and Amy Sedaris.


Which OG is joining the Fraiser sequel?
May 9th, 2024 under Kelsey Grammer. [ Comments: 1 ]

Fraiser is back on Paramount+, but Kelsey Grammer was the only one to return for the sequel. You know, because you can’t do Fraiser without Frasier.

That was season 1. Season 2 started production today, and the show made a big announcement. Peri Gilpin, who appeared in the season finale, will be a recurring guest star.

Fraiser’s son, Freddy (Jack Cutmore-Scott), invited Roz to be his dad’s surprise Christmas gift, but no one was there to greet her.

Hopefully, she will get to see her old friend when the show comes back later this year.


Frasier will be eating more tossed salads and scrambled eggs
February 22nd, 2024 under Kelsey Grammer, Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

It took years for Kelsey Grammer to get his Fraiser sequel on the air. But it took less than a year for Paramount+ to order a second season.

“Frasier is a love story, and I am very happy we will be allowed to continue it. I’m delighted that our partners at CBS Studios and Paramount+ are on board for another season, and I can’t wait for the fans to see what we have in store!” said Kelsey Grammer, star and executive producer of Frasier.

Can I tell you? I tried to watch the original series several times, but I never got into it. However, I love this updated series.

If you missed it, you can stream both takes of Frasier on Paramount+.


Kelsey Grammer and Kelly Clarkson sing the Frasier theme song
January 10th, 2024 under Kelly Clarkson, Kelsey Grammer. [ Comments: none ]

Kelsey Grammer was on The Kelly Clarkson Show yesterday, and they had a surprise for all of us. Kelly Clarkson and the actor sang the Frasier theme song Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs.

It is so good that I hope if Paramount+ renews the sequel for a second season, I hope they will use their duet during the credits.


Frasier, the man, is still stuffy, but Frasier, the show, is not!
October 12th, 2023 under Kelsey Grammer, Paramount+. [ Comments: 1 ]

Frasier is back in more ways than one. Kelsey Grammer returns to his Emmy-winning character, and Frasier is home again in Boston on the Paramount+ sequel that is streaming now.

We first met Frasier Crane at a bar called Cheers. That is where he fell in love with Lillith, and they had a son named Fredrick. Things did not work out between them, so he moved to Seattle to do a radio show.

And that is where his story left off. From there, he moved to Chicago to do a TV show, which was a huge success. But he decided to move on.

His dad recently passed away, and he decided to take a trip to Paris with a stopover in Boston to talk in his old Oxford buddy’s class at Harvard. And his life is going to change because of it.

While talking in Alan’s (Nicholas Lyndhurst) class, Olivia (Toks Olagundoye), the head of the Psychology Department, offers him a job. But he turns her down. And she is not going to take no for an answer.

And Fraiser is not going to take no for an answer from his son. Freddy (Jack Cutmore-Scott) dropped out of Harvard to become a fireman, and he thinks his dad is disappointed with him.

Frasier is not, and he wants to get to know his son and his girlfriend, Eve (Jess Salgueiro), better. She works at the bar below, where she lives with Freddy, and she wants to be an actress.

And those acting skills are going to come in handy when Frasier invites himself over for dinner that night.

Frasier is going to try to win his son over. And Olivia and Alan are going to crash the dinner party to win Fraiser over.

And then there is David (Anders Keith), who is Niles and Daphne’s son. He is just like his dad.

At least, I am assuming so because I didn’t watch Frasier. I know. But I did watch the first five episodes of the sequel because the trailer piqued my interest. And I am enjoying it so far.

It has that old sitcom feel with the stuffy Harvard professors, the down-to-earth working-class couple, and David. Poor David.

They all play off of each other brilliantly, and their chemistry is there right from the beginning. And the writing is so witty—something you would expect from the likes of Frasier.

So whether you watched the original series or not, you are going to laugh and love this sequel.

The first two episodes dropped today; new episodes will drop every Thursday.


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