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BTWF: Kelsey Grammer on Another World
March 29th, 2023 under Before They Were Famous, Kelsey Grammer, TV Soaps. [ Comments: none ]

via They Started on Soaps

Before Kelsey Grammer was a psychiatrist on Cheers, he was the head paramedic on Another World. He looks the same now as he did when he was 27 in that 1982 episode.


Kelsey Grammer asked the Frasier cast to be on the reboot, but…
July 12th, 2021 under Kelsey Grammer. [ Comments: none ]

I guess there are people who still love Frasier enough to want a reboot. That is why Paramount+ is making it happen.

However, I am sure they want more than just Kelsey Grammer in it. Unfortunately, it looks like they won’t be getting what they want.

The actor told WNBC’s Jacque Reid, “We’ve reached out to everybody, Roz and Niles and Daphne. And of course, you know, that John [Mahoney] is gone. We intend to deal with that some in the first episode.” Then he added, “It is my hope that everybody comes back. It always was my hope because it is a third act for everybody.

Maybe if he called Peri Gilpin, David Hyde Pierce, and Jane Leeves by their real names and not their character ones, they would be more willing to sign on.

I know Grammer doesn’t think he needs the supporting cast, but they were an ensemble, and it wasn’t just his show. As much as, I assume, he would like to think it was.


Fraiser just Frasier is coming to Paramount+
February 25th, 2021 under Kelsey Grammer, Paramount+. [ Comments: none ]

There have been rumors for almost three years that Kelsey Grammer wanted to bring back his character Fraiser Crane in a sequel series. The rumors are true, and it is coming to Paramount+.

“Having spent over 20 years of my creative life on the Paramount lot, both producing shows and performing in several, I’d like to congratulate Paramount+ on its entry into the streaming world,” said Kelsey Grammer. “I gleefully anticipate sharing the next chapter in the continuing journey of Dr. Frasier Crane.”

As of now, they have not announced if any of the show’s original stars will be part of the reboot. Without them, I have no faith in the show. Grammer might think it was all about him, but it was also about his castmembers’ chemistry with him.

Would you watch Frasier if it is just Frasier?


BTWF: Scott Lowell on Fraiser
April 29th, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Kelsey Grammer, Queer As Folk. [ Comments: none ]

Before Scott Lowell was fired for watching porn on Queer As Folk, he was let go for a much different reason on Fraiser. How hysterical was the 24-year-old actor in that 2000 episode?


What Kelsey Grammer did to guarantee he will not have an affair!
August 1st, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, Kelsey Grammer. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2011, Kelsey Grammer married Kayte Walsh and it looks like he wants to spend the rest of his life with his 4th wife. At least her name will always be with him. That is because he told Conan O’Brien that he got her name tattooed on his crotch.

Why did he get her name on his pubis? He says, “I think it was more, sort of, an ownership thing. My wife said, ‘Why don’t you get a tattoo?'” Then he explained, “I guess, maybe, it was based on the idea if ever, I thought maybe a peccadillo outside the marriage, was a good idea. Whoever it might be, would read that this particular piece of equipment was already signed for, and owned, by someone named Kayte.”

Am I the only person picturing what that tattoo looks like on him? Is it her signature? Is it in cursive or print? Is it in black or in color? So many images; and I never wanted to think of his nether region. Because now I cannot get that image out of my head. My poor mind.


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