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Ray J on hosting the Bad Girls All-Star Battle
May 21st, 2013 under Brandy and Ray J, Oxygen. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p Oxygen got the baddest girls from the past 11 seasons Bad Girls Club to fight it out in Bad Girls All-Star Battle and only one them can be the baddest girl of them all and $100,000 richer. Ray J is the only man in house with these ladies and he is more than the host of the show.
I was recently on a conference call with Ray J and he talked about how good this show is, what’s a “Bad Girl” and did he hook up with any of them?

How good is tonight’s episode?:

It’s going to be intense. Make sure you watch the first one because it’s a 90-minute. We had to make it 90 minutes instead of 60 because it just – it got that intense.

What is a “Bad Girl” to him?:

My description of a real bad girl is a girl that never gives up, a girl that is confident in herself, a girl that has been through things and maybe has been knocked down and got right back up and kept fighting and kept going. And you know a real true bad girl is a girl that has maybe been through some things, but still is a winner and continues to go on with her life as a champion.

Is it bad to be a “Bad Girl”?:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a bad girl. I think whatever you go through in life, as long as you learn from it and grow from it, I think that that’s the special thing about life, and second chances, and tomorrow.

Why the viewers will connect with the show:

I think besides the challenges, you know besides the drama that comes along you know with the Bad Girls Club and the Bad Girls All Star Battle is there is substance behind this show. I mean some of these girls are coming on this show to win this money for real positive reasons and reasons that I think is really going to connect with the viewers. Like there is one girl, Flo. She is trying to win the money to help her daughter you know have a better life you know as a single mom. Another bad girl is trying to help her brother get out of foster care, and I think her winning the money will help her do that. So besides it being a great show with challenges, there is also substance to this show and certain reasons why these girls are here is real touching and that’s one of the things that really connected me to the show as well.

Was he able to keep it together during the emotional eliminations?:

It was tough sometimes, but I made it through. I made it through and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in hosting and even just you know being on TV. I mean it was unforgettable.

Did he hook up with any of the girls?:

Oh, no. No. I’m – you know, I’m totally – this is professional, man. Like I plan on doing this for however long, you know, the ride goes. So you know the saying. I don’t where, I, you know. But all of the girls are hot. I’m not going to even front. They’re beautiful girls. But for me, I got to stay professional. I got to lay out the blueprint, and then they got to execute.

Before Bad Girls All-Star Battle, I have to admit I only thought of him as the guy in Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. But after meeting him and speaking with him on the conference call, I have learned he is a really nice, charming, good guy. Nothing like I thought he would be. Because he is not the bad guy we all perceived, it really makes me want to watch this show. I think his big heart is going to make him a really good host and that is reason enough for me to watch. But the drama and competitiveness between these Bad Girls might even be more of a reason. So tune in Tuesdays at 8p to see the baddest show on television this summer!


Pete Wentz talks about his Best Ink!
April 17th, 2013 under Fall Out Boy/ Ashlee Simpson, Oxygen. [ Comments: none ]

Pete Wentz is hosting the season two of Best Ink that airs Wednesdays on Oxygen at 10p. Recently I was on a conference call where he talked about his tattoos and why he decided to take on this job.
When you think of Pete Wentz and what type of competition show he would be a part of, you would think it would be one involving music. He explained why he said yes to this show and not the others. He said, “I get hit up to do whatever kind of reality show or whatever and they don’t really make a whole lot of sense for me. This one did, because I felt like it was authentic to my brand.” Then he added, “I’ve been into tattoos for a while; I wanted to learn more. And obviously I’ve been an enthusiast. I felt like after meeting with Joe and realizing that I’d get to learn a lot about the inner workings of a tattoo shop and more about tattoo culture that was really important to me.”
So why he is so fascinated by tattoos? He said, “I think to be a walking canvas is a pretty cool thing. It’s an actual living, breathing piece of art. It’s interesting because everybody’s body kind of has a different skin tone and shape so tattoos look different depending who it is, depending on when you got them.”
Wentz was just 15 when he got his first tattoo and he described it as “brutal.” He then had some advice for teens who are thinking about going under the needle, “I definitely recommend waiting until legal age to get tattooed. Not just because you’re probably doing some shady stuff. But also because I think people really have to grow into who they are, who you think you’re going to be for a long time. ‘Cause when you’re 15, you think, 30 seems like it’s gonna be forever. But one day you will be 30 and you’ll have that tattoo still.”
So since then what is his most meaningful tattoo that he has on his body. He answered that it is one he shares with Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, he described it as “I have half of a banner and he has half of a banner and they meet up on our wrists. His says ‘young hearts’ and mine says ‘be free,’ a Rod Stewart song.” And in the future he will be adding another one to his body, “I remember I actually told my son on the way to school, as soon as he learns to write his own name, I’ll probably get tattooed in his handwriting. At some point that’ll happen.” He’ll look good with Bronx Mowgli on his body somewhere, just hopefully not where his son came from. Although that might be one of the few places left where he can get it. That’s because when I asked him how many tattoos he has, he said “I have my whole right sleeve done. I have my chest. I have part of my left arm and then a little bit on my legs. My favorite’s probably one inside my left swear finger. It’s hidden. It’s the directions to Neverland, second star to the right. I don’t know…”
While Wentz is good at getting tattooed, he is not good at giving them. He told us that he once gave one to his friend Dirty, but it didn’t turn out so well. He explained, “You know it didn’t help that we were on tour and there was a bunch of people watching. And you know, people were like ‘it’s not working’ and they were like ‘do it harder.’ And it was on his shin and honestly it was not ever going to be a good tattoo, but it maybe didn’t need to be as bad as it was.”
Maybe now that he is watching all of these people on Best Ink 2, he will get some tips on the proper way to do it on someone else in the future. And while he didn’t get any new tats when he was working on the show, he does plan on having at least two of them ink him up in the future. Think you know he wants to leave their mark on him? Tune in to find out…


Lots of pick ups and one cancellation!
September 15th, 2011 under Freeform, Oxygen, Style, USA Network. [ Comments: 1 ]

Today seems to be the day that a lot of summer cable shows found out their fate and for one of them the new wasn’t good.
Oxygen finally renewed last summer’s Jersey Couture for a second, but they are changing things up. This season they will highlight the glamour of fashion, Jersey style. As a New Yawker, I can’t wait see what “Jersey style” is all about.
While they are busy styling Jersey girls, Style has news that is twice as good because Tia and Tamara (formerly Mowry) will be back as we saw how motherhood changes one of them and married life the other twin.
While the news was doubly good from Style, it was triply good for USA who is bringing Covert Affairs, Royal Pains and Unnecessary Roughness for another east summer. I say we need a crossover episode, it can somehow happen. Maybe Annie gets shot, but doesn’t get better when Hank fixes her up. Once she is better she is afraid to fight crime, so Dr Dani has to get her back into action!!!
While those 5 shows found new life, The Nine Lives of Chloe King found out she doesn’t have any more. ABC Family pulled the plug on the show which started off great and then died faster than she did in each episode.
After all of this news, I want to know if it is summer already?


It is a bitch fest on tonight’s Hair Battle Spectacular
August 29th, 2011 under Oxygen. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight on Oxygen’s Hair Battle Spectacular at 10p the contestants have to create a fantasy hair design that is inspired by a celebrity bitch. No not a paparazzi darling, but a dog. What they come up with is something to bark about! And you know how Derek J says that is the worst hair don’t in HBS history, he ain’t kidding. You will have to tune in tonight just to see arful it is, although I didn’t think it was that bad.


Mel B replaces Marissa Jaret Winokur as host of Dance Your Ass Off!!!
January 10th, 2010 under Oxygen, Spice Girls. [ Comments: none ]

Dance Your Ass Off will be back for a second season on Oxygen, but with a new host. Dancing with the Stars 6 contestant Marissa Jaret Winokur is being replaced by DWTS 5 semi-finalist Mel B. So why the change? Well even though Marissa did a good job on the show, she didn’t test well enough with their audience so they made the tough decision to replace her. According to EP Dan Cutforth Oxygen’s audience are Spice Girls’ fans, so Mel B was the perfect fit for the show. I have to admit I wanted to watch the first season of the show, but I opted not watch it because I personally find Marissa annoying. Now that Mel B is taking over for her, I will totally check it out.
Mel B told us that she lost her baby weight (60 pounds) by dancing and wishes they had this show on when she was trying to lost that weight because she totally would’ve done it. She told us that she will do more than just host, but she did not really explain how.
Now back to the show here are some updates. Season 1 winner Ruben Permel lost 90 pounds because of the show. If that is not good enough, four of the competitors are teaching dance now. Dance had become a big part of their lives now.
Now back to Scary Spice, she told us that there will be a Spice Girls announcement coming soon, but she didn’t tell us what but it sounds like it is going to be good.
Melanie Brown also told us the secret to her abs and we can have them too if we get her workout DVD Totally Fit which actually sounded like a lot of fun when she was telling us about it.


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