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Employ Oxygen’s Husband for Hire tonight at 8p!!!
January 19th, 2008 under Oxygen, Reviews. [ Comments: 2 ]

Oxygen’s Husband for Hire is one of the funnest movies I have seen in a really long time. It is a crazy ride that keeps thrilling for the whole two hours!

In this two-hour original movie, Latina businesswoman Lola (Nadine Velazquez) has twenty-four hours to find a husband and get married. In order to satisfy a clause in her mother’s will and gain her share of the family fortune, Lola and her best friend Nina (Tempestt Bledsoe) hire local workman Bo (Mark Consuelos) to become her husband. After making him over to fit squarely into the expectations of her demanding father Victor (Erik Estrada) and gain his mandatory approval, Lola goes on a wild ride to the altar as she is forced to stay one step ahead of her scheming ex-fiancée Marco (Mario Lopez).

Seriously this movie is so much fun and the cast is a riot! C’mon you have Erik Estrada, Mark Consuelos and Maria Lopez, what more does a girl need!
The movie starts out with Lola going to Mexico to hire a husband, think Home Depot, and picks out Bo. Bo needs a lot of work to get her dad’s approval so imagine all the hijinx that they go through trying to get him ready and even after they meet her dad the hijinx don’t stop! Add in his girlfriend, her bitchy sister, an ex-fiance, his trailer-trash brother, her best friend swallowing caffeine pills like tic tacs and you have a movie with so many twist and turns you will be bummed that movie has to come to end!
So tune in to Oxygen’s Husband for Hire tonight at 8p, I promise you will enjoy it as much as me!


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