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My Big Fat Greek Dinner with a Gypsy
February 4th, 2009 under Full House, Nia Vardalos. [ Comments: 1 ]

Nia Vardalos had dinner with John Stamos and Bette Midler which makes me wonder if the trio are doing a movie tongether and that is why they broke bread? I mean John Stamos and Better Midler seem like such an odd pairing. But how hot would it be if they did a movie together where she was a Jewish-Mother Cougar dating a sexy Greek Stallion Cub played by Stamos!!! They could be so cute together, just look how sweet they look in those pictures.

My Big Fat Need for Money
June 21st, 2006 under Movies, Nia Vardalos. [ Comments: none ]

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING star NIA VARDALOS is relieved she has finally started working on a sequel to her hit film, as she had been suffering from a terrifying period of writer’s block. The 2002 movie was so popular, Vardolos felt the pressure to follow-up with a blockbuster sequel. She explains, "I ran out of ideas! So I took some time off. I waited and finally some ideas came to me and I’ve started writing again. "I’m not saying there will for sure be a sequel, but I’m not saying there will for sure not be a sequel." Vardolos insists the next installment won’t feature a "big fat Greek divorce." She adds, "I would do something like MY BIG FAT GREEK BAPTISM or MY BIG FAT GREEK LUNCH or MY BIG FAT GREEK THIGHS – there are lots (of options)!"

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