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Finally a Donald Trump mugshot!
August 24th, 2023 under Donald Trump, Mug Shot. [ Comments: none ]

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Finally, after years of waiting to see Donald Trump in a mugshot, the day has finally come. He was booked, fingerprinted, and smiled for the camera in the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office today. And it is a beautiful thing.

OK. He didn’t smile for the camera. He looks like the Devil. That is, if Satan was arrested for trying to fix an election because he couldn’t handle the fact that he lost. However, Lucifer is more likable than Trump, so I am sure he would win in a head-to-head election. I know I would vote for the Devil I Know over the one I don’t and don’t want to know.

And as soon as I saw his face, I imagined why he was so pissed. He was angry they didn’t kiss his ass and treat him like he is special as his worshippers do. I can’t believe how many fake Christians and Orthodox Jews believe in this antichrist over their Gds. Haven’t they read the 10 Commandments? You know the one that says, “Thou shalt have no other Gds before me.”

Today, I saw one of his followers say he is a modern-day Jesus Christ. Jesus died for her blasphemy, but he didn’t die for Trump’s sins. There is a special place for Trump in Hell. And he earned that place for being an awful person. And I am saying that as a New Yorker who knew what a disgusting person he was since I was a kid. Way before the rest of the world found out.

So I hope he goes to jail and never sees the White House again. I just wish my cousin was still alive to see it happen. But I am sure she is watching it all go down from Heaven.


Chris Brown arrested after a concert
July 6th, 2018 under Mug Shot. [ Comments: none ]

Chris Brown ended his concert in West Palm Beach and he thought he would be greeted by adoring fans. Oh boy, was he wrong because he was greeted by police officers who arrested him for an outstanding warrant in Tampa, where he is performing tonight.

According to WTVT, the warrant is related to an incident where he is accused of punching a photographer at an appearance of his in April 2017. The singer was arrested at 11p yesterday, and released within an hour after coughing up the $2,000 bond.

FYI to any celebrity, if you have an outstanding warrant be wary of going to Florida and letting people know where you will be. I had an ex-boss, who went to a convention in Orlando, and was arrested at the airport for one. Who doesn’t love getting that phone call from a co-worker?


Phil Spector’s hairless mugshot
August 9th, 2017 under Mug Shot, Phil Spector. [ Comments: none ]

The hair of convicted murderer and former music producer Phil Spector has given us some of the best mug shots, but not anymore. That is because he does not have any left. Here is latest mug shot from California Department of Corrections taken back in June and looks like he is happier without the wigs.


Tiger Woods busted on suspicion of DUI
May 29th, 2017 under Arrested, Mug Shot, Sports figures. [ Comments: none ]

Tiger Woods is used to driving little white balls in to a hole and winning trophies for it, but driving a car allegedly while drunk will land him a jail. The golf pro was stopped by cops at 3a this morning in Jupiter, Fl and spent the next 7 hours behind bars before being released at 10:50a according to Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

What makes this arrest a hole in one is his mugshot. That faces says it all!


The sleeping mugshot!
February 14th, 2015 under Mug Shot. [ Comments: none ]

You know you have smoked way too much synthetic pot; when you not only appear to have fallen asleep at the wheel, but you also look like you dozed off during your mugshot. That is reportedly what happened to 20 year old Christopher Shirley on Thursday. According to KHOU patrons at the Walmart in Porter, Tx noticed him sleeping while reversing his pickup truck, so they called the cops on him. When the police officers got there, he was awake and they say he failed the sobriety test that they gave him. They also said that he admitted that he drove to the store intoxicated. They added once he was given the OK by paramedics to be transported to the station for booking, he was. He was later charged with Driving While Intoxicated.


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