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Phil Spector’s hairless mugshot
August 9th, 2017 under Mug Shot, Phil Spector. [ Comments: none ]

The hair of convicted murderer and former music producer Phil Spector has given us some of the best mug shots, but not anymore. That is because he does not have any left. Here is latest mug shot from California Department of Corrections taken back in June and looks like he is happier without the wigs.


Phil Spector’s taped message about Lana Clarkson
May 16th, 2007 under Phil Spector. [ Comments: none ]

Inside Edition obtained this video of Phil Spector explaining himself according to Drudge Report. In the tape Spector had this to say about Lana Clarkson, “She [Lana] may have accidentally taken own life. She may have purposefully taken her own life. She may have been eating the gun with her dancing.” he added, “I don’t know why, when, how or where in what circumstance. She may have taken her own life – whether she planned to or not. It is not my responsibility to do that.” He also said, “What I do know I had nothing to do with her taking her own life.”
Spector also has a message for the women testifying against him “I had all kinds of relationships with them for years afterwards of the dates they say I put a gun to their head. It’s nonsense. They just want to get on Inside Edition…They just want to testify at the trial. And, they just want to make money.” So he is offering them $100,000 to take a lie detector test and holds up a check and says, “Well here’s your chance to make money.”
The interview airs tonight and I can’t wait to see it! You know it is going to be crazy just looking at that sneak peek.
And is it just me or does he look like an old woman with that shirt and pearls and that crazy hair?


The Phil Spector trial starts today
April 25th, 2007 under Phil Spector. [ Comments: none ]

After waiting four years, opening statements will finally begin in the trial against Phil Spector who is accused of killing Lana Clarkson according to KNBC. I don't get why everyone is so hot on this trial, the only thing that interests me is what type of hairdo he will have for the trial.


Love or hate Phil Spector’s new look?
March 19th, 2007 under Phil Spector. [ Comments: 1 ]

In case you forgot the old look…
Reuters (new) and AP (old)
He has to be one of the creepiest looking people out there no matter what he does to himself. I can't believe they are going to televise his trial on TV because his looks are so not camera friendly to say the least.


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