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Once again Meryl Streep gets lost into the woods in an Ellen Selfie!
December 23rd, 2014 under Ellen DeGeneres, Mamma Mia, Meryl Streep. [ Comments: none ]

Remember when Ellen DeGeneres took the greatest Selfie of all time at the Oscars and she cut off part of Meryl Streep’s face? Well, she decided to make it up to the Oscar winner on her show and took another Selfie with her, but this time she included her castmates from Into the Woods. How did it go for the beloved actress? Even worse than it did the first time. Poor, Meryl. Whoever thought anyone could shadow her greatness? I guess you can say that only the hostess with the mostest can achieve that. Once again, I have to say, poor Meryl.


Someone asked Meryl Streep to take a photo in a bathroom!
January 16th, 2014 under Jimmy Kimmel, Meryl Streep. [ Comments: none ]

Meryl Streep was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and the ABC late night host asked her some random questions. The two of them were talking about how fans come up to them and ask take a photo with them. So he wanted to know where was the most uncomfortable place that some asked for this? She told him that someone approached her 2 days beforehand in a bathroom outside the stall. So for future reference, don’t ask her or anyone for a picture after they have used the powder room.
Then he went on to ask her if she would to do a Superhero movie and she told him “depends on the powers.” Next question was if she would do a Madea movie which she didn’t answer, but admitted she has seen bits of one. Can you see her watching a Tyler Perry movie?
Then the 3 time Oscar winner went on to share with us that she saw The Beatles live at Shea back in 1965. In fact, she had a poster that declared her love for Paul McCartney. Which nearly half a century later, she got like a thank you from him because he asked her to be in his music video.
I could watch her talk all day because she is so humble and loveable. It’s like everything she says is as perfect as her acting, but she is being real. How can you not adore her? She is a diamond in the rough we call Hollywood!


Mamma Mia, did Bill Clinton confuse Meryl Streep for Hillary?
March 14th, 2013 under Meryl Streep, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Bill and Hillary Clinton along with Meryl Streep went to see Holland Taylor star as Ann Richards on Broadway and after the show they all posed together with the inspiring Gabby Giffords for a picture.
Even though I was looking at some political and acting bigs all taking a photo together, the only thing I could notice is how the former President was posing with Oscar winner. I can see that Streep and Hillary are dressed alike and both are blondes, but you would think by now he would know the former Secretary of State anywhere. Right?


BTWF roles: Meryl Streep in Julia
February 29th, 2012 under Before They Were Famous, Meryl Streep. [ Comments: none ]

Before Meryl Streep was the blonde actress we know her as today, she was a brunette in Julia. She looks the same now as she did when she was just 26 in that 1977 movie.


In case you needed another reason to love Meryl Streep
February 29th, 2012 under Admirable People, Meryl Streep. [ Comments: 1 ]

(photo from WENN)

On Sunday Hollywood gave back to Meryl Streep for amazing acting with a third Oscar, and yesterday it was revealed she has been quietly giving to the community for years without anyone knowing. According to Forbes, her husband Don Gummer and her having been donating millions of dollars without fanfare. Forbes said, “In 2010 alone, they gave away $2.13 million–about half of it to Vassar, but $100,000 to Oxfam America, and another $5,000 apiece to things like New York’s City Meals on Wheels and Coalition for the Homeless. They’re very giving to local charities in their Connecticut neighborhoods, and support museums in Boston and Illinois. Last year they even gave $200,000 to the National Women’s Museum in Alexandria, Virginia.” Yeah I love her even more than I did before. We need more superstars in the world like her and less like the you know whos?


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