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Jennifer Lawrence makes Andy Cohen ‘bone hard’ after a kiss!
June 27th, 2023 under Andy Cohen, Jennifer Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Lawrence told Andy Cohen on his show yesterday that she wanted to kiss him because she was jealous that he did it with John Mayer and not her. Then the host of Watch What Happens Live told her he was attracted to the Oscar winner and would love to her kiss her “consensually.”

And with that, they went in for their big moment. But before they did, Cohen made like a teenage boy who was going in for his first kiss with his crush and got all giddy. Now, it was time for a sweet little peck on the lips. Cohen’s reaction was adorable because he acted like he scored the winning point in the championship game. In ways, he did!

Lawrence could see that he was excited because he was jumping up and down in his chair, but she wanted to know if all of him was excited. “I’m hard as a rock,” he happily shared with her. “I’m bone hard. Oh, my Gd.”

And that is why she is the winner of the Hunger Games. She can even make a gay man’s arrow stand at attention.


Meryl Streep thought Jonah Hill called her goat as compared to the GOAT
December 7th, 2021 under Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep. [ Comments: none ]

Jonah Hill was so excited to work with Meryl Streep on Don’t Look Up that he kept calling her the GOAT. Well, the Oscar-winning actress didn’t know what they meant. She thought that he was calling her an old goat, like the animal.

So when Streep told Jennifer Lawrence about it, the actress explained to the legend that it means Greatest Of All Time. That made Streep feel better, but she was still OK with the first definition too.

And that is why she is the GOAT of them all.


BTWF roles: Jennifer Lawrence in Like Crazy
March 5th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Jennifer Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jennifer Lawrence was married to Bradley Cooper in American Hustle, she was dating Anton Yelchin Like Crazy. Isn’t it like crazy that she looks the same now as she did when he was 20 in that 2011 movie?

You can watch Like Crazy for free on Tubi TV.


Please don’t let Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence ever do a film together
January 4th, 2018 under Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

W Magazine decided to interview Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone together, and I am not sure it was such a great idea. When they are by themselves, they are really cute. When they are together, they are really annoying. So annoying, I have no idea what the two of them said after J-Law asked for her best friend to be referred to as her given name Emily. I just tuned them out because they sounded like a teacher from the Peanuts.

Seriously, didn’t you find them extremely annoying or is it just me?


People on Hollywood Blvd cannot name Jennifer Lawrence’s movies
November 3rd, 2017 under Jennifer Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Lawrence guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and she taped a segment for the show. It seemed easy enough, go out on Hollywood Blvd and ask people to name 5 of her movies. How did it turn out? Not only could the people strolling down the street not do it, some of them didn’t even know who she was. That had to cut like a knife like when the Box Office numbers came in for Mother.

When it comes to naming 5 movies that she has done. I say Hunger Games 1, Hunger Games 2, Hunger Games 3, Hunger Games 4 and Hunger Games 5. There were five in that franchise, right?


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