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Matthew McConaughey admits to wearing hairpieces!
January 27th, 2017 under Matthew McConaughey. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Matthew McConaughey told Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly that all of his hair is his. But then today he admitted in Us Weekly’s 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me that, “The best hairpiece I’ve ever worn for a role was definitely the Kenny Wells piece [in Gold].”
So which one is it? In the real world his hair is real, in the fake one it is fake.


Why Matthew McConaughey won’t answer to Matt!
January 25th, 2017 under Jimmy Kimmel, Matthew McConaughey. [ Comments: none ]

Celebrities have their peculiarities of what they liked to be called and not be called. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker only likes to be called Sarah Jessica. Matthew McConaughey told Jimmy Kimmel yesterday on his ABC late night show that he doesn’t like to be called Matt and he has a good reason for that.
Back when he was in kindergarten and his mom was also a teacher of that grade, a kid called him Matt. As he was running with that little boy to the monkey bars, he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder that pushed him down to the ground. He looked up and saw it was his mom and she told him, “Don’t you ever answer to Matt again. I named you Matthew from the Bible.” Ever since then, he never responds to Matt.
Therefore, if you ever see Matthew in person, don’t call him Matt if you want him to so something for you.


Matthew McConaughey balding?
January 19th, 2017 under Kelly Ripa, Matthew McConaughey. [ Comments: none ]

Matthew McConaughey made a shocking reveal today on Live with Kelly today. Back in 1999, the Oscar winner was balding. He used some product called Region X and it miraculously grew back. In fact, it grew back so well that there is a hair transplant convention that uses his photo as a model of the perfect hair transplant. Only problem is he never had one. That will be an interesting conversation when they show his photo at this year’s event.


Matthew McConaughey auditions for 9 to 5’s Doralee Rhodes
January 19th, 2017 under Dolly Parton, Matthew McConaughey. [ Comments: none ]

Today is Dolly Parton’s 71st birthday (Can you believe it?) and W Magazine found an interesting way to honor her. They asked Matthew McConnaughey, Chris Pine and Michael Shannon to audition for her legendary part of Doralee Rhodes in the classic movie 9 to 5 by reading the infamous “rooster to a hen” scene. How did they do? Watch their read and then hers and let me know. I know, who I would give the 9 to 5 to.


Hey, hey it’s actors reading Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive
January 11th, 2017 under Matthew McConaughey. [ Comments: none ]

W Magazine asked Chris Pine, Haillee Steinfeld, Greta Gerwiq, Michael Shannon, Dakota Fanning, Amy Adams, Taraji P Henson, Felicity Jones, Dev Patel, Ruth Negga, Lucas Hedges, Noamie Harris, Matthew McConaughey and Mahershala Ali to read the most covered song I Will Survive and Gloria Gaynor would not petrified of it. That and I think McConaughey has found a new catchphrase to replace alright, alright, alright and it’s hey, hey. hey, Hey, hey I think I like that.


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