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Luke Bryan serenades an 85-year-old grandmother!
July 22nd, 2022 under Luke Bryan. [ Comments: none ]

Luke Bryan was playing Bristow, Virginia, the other night, and there was a sign that caught his attention. It read, “Luke, Strip it down for grandma’s 85th birthday.”

Not only did the American Idol judge strip it down, but he also kneeled down and sang Two Lane just to her. Making her feel like a teenager all over again.

Hopefully, after the show, Bryan took her out for one margarita, two margarita, shot!


Luke Bryan stole a baby
June 25th, 2022 under Luke Bryan. [ Comments: none ]

Luke Bryan was performing the other night in Vegas, and he had a new duet partner. However, they didn’t help him sing. That is because they are a baby that he stole from someone who had backstage passes.

I wish musicians would do that because it makes concerts more awwwwdorable.

And if I were Caroline Boyer, I would be afraid that the American Idol judge has baby fever. But then again, maybe she also wants to raise a sixth child.


Luke Bryan was all of us when Katy Perry fell out of her chair 
May 3rd, 2022 under American Idol 9+, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan. [ Comments: none ]

On Sunday, Katy Perry dressed up as Ariel from Little Mermaid. That means that she wore a mermaid’s tail like the Disney Princess. The costume department did such a good job with it that she couldn’t move her legs when it was on.

Well, she decided to lean back in her swivel chair. And as you can guess, she fell over backwards and couldn’t get up. So, how did Luke Bryan react? He laughed out loud. Or, as he said, “We all have that one friend like…me!! Sorry @Katy Perry #americanidol #falling”

The Country singer is right, and to my friends, I am him! But, then again, it was almost all of us on Sunday! Because lots of us are all a little bit sadist. I am just a lot of it.


Has Luke Bryan hit hard times?
July 14th, 2021 under Hard times, Luke Bryan. [ Comments: none ]

Luke Bryan might be one of the top-selling Country singers and he is also a judge on American Idol, but he is not too good to clean up a spilled salad. I guess that is what happens when you drink one margarita, two margarita, three margarita, shot.

Why is he cleaning up the mess? Is he doing it to pay for his tour’s expenses? Nope, but it is related to that. He wrote, “I’m so happy to be back on the road, I’ll do anything haha #ADayInMyLife #LiveMusic”

You know, after seeing the way he works a broom, I think he should add it to his act. Imagine what he could do with it with his single Country Girl (Shake It For Me)?


Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan really got under Katy Perry’s hair on American Idol
May 24th, 2021 under Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, during the season finale of American Idol, Katy Perry wore a long black wig. Then during the after-party, she took it off and let her co-judges try it on. While Lionel Richie looked sexy, Luke Bryan did not.

To see what the Country crooner looked with long black hair, then click here!


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