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Do you want to live in Katy Perry’s Woman’s World?
July 11th, 2024 under Katy Perry. [ Comments: none ]

Katy Perry released her first new song in a few years today. Woman’s World is the first single from her new album 143 which comes out on September 20th.

If you debut a new tune, you have to do a music video for it. And that is exactly what she did.

The song is supposed to be an empowering anthem for women, and yet it was obvious it was directed by a man because all of the women in it were overly sexualized.

How does having your tits on display make you a stronger woman? It just makes all the Kens go to her woman’s world.

Katy, we understand you’ve lost a lot of weight. However, think of your daughter. Don’t you want her to see you as a smart businesswoman, or do you want her to think she has to use her body to do business? Put on some clothes.

As much as I hated the music video, there was something I liked. I loved it when she got smushed by the anvil.


Katy Perry is desperate for attention
June 26th, 2024 under Katy Perry. [ Comments: none ]

Katy Perry has a new song coming out on July 11th, and she is baring all to promote Woman’s World.

Well, nearly all. The singer attended Paris Fashion Week wearing just a Balenciaga fur black fur coat, ripped stockings, and heels. Therefore leaving very little to the imagination.

As a mother to a daughter, you would think she would cover up a little more as a role model to young girls.

I know I sound old. But I wish these female celebrities would cover up. It is getting to the point they are going to have to walk the red carpet naked to shock us. I am getting sick of seeing braless boobs covered with see-thru fabric.

What happened to equal rights? Let’s see the men walk the carpet with their dicks being exposed. They are covered from head to toe, and the women are almost fully exposed. I want to see if they are circumcised.

Seriously, I can’t wait for the dads’, like Orlando Bloom, Kanye West, and Jay-Z, reactions when their little girls are walking around with their full tits out just like mommy did. That is when they all will regret their decisions.

Now back to Perry, she needs to do stunts like this to get us talking about her and not how shitty the preview of Woman’s World sounds. She should have stayed on American Idol.


Katy Perry finally releases new music
June 17th, 2024 under Katy Perry. [ Comments: none ]

It has been almost two years since Katy Perry released any new music, and today she announced when her new single will hit the airwaves.

Get your calendar because Woman’s World comes out on July 11th, and the video will be released the next day.

But we don’t have to wait until then to hear what it will sound like because today, she released a sneak peek.

Personally, I think she needs to go back into the studio because she is entering JLo territory, as in bombing.


Katy Perry’s AI made it to Met Gala, so where was she?
May 7th, 2024 under Katy Perry. [ Comments: none ]


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The Met Gala is made for celebrities like Katy Perry. The singer likes to wear eccentric dresses, and the red carpet is full of women modeling crazy couture fashion.

So, why was she absent from fashion’s red carpet of the year? It is not like American Idol was live yesterday. She is busy recording her new album.

I am sure she will be back next year to promote that record. That is, if she is done with it by then.


Is Katy Perry trying to kick Orlando Bloom out of her life?
May 1st, 2024 under Kate Bosworth/Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry. [ Comments: none ]

Katy Perry shared some photos of her and Orlando Bloom from a photoshoot. In one of those images, she is seen looking like she is about to kick her fiancé of four years. So, is there a problem between the parents of 3-year-old Daisy Dove? Nope! They were just having some fun with the camera.


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