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Katy Perry is one of the few female celebs who doesn’t want to date Pete Davidson
August 4th, 2022 under Katy Perry, Pete Davidson. [ Comments: none ]

Pete Davidson has had his share of female celebrities like Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and now Kim Kardashian. However, there is one female who is not interested.

Katy Perry did one of those TikTok filters that shows you what type of house and car you will own, how many kids you will have and who their father will be. When the singer found out it chose Pete Davidson, she made a face that showed us she is not interested in the least. And she dated John Mayer, who was the Pete Davidson of her time.

Do you agree with her reaction to her getting Kardashian’s boy toy? And on that note, Perry wrote, “No offense @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando? 🤷🏻‍♀️)”


Did American Idol finally change up the judges?
July 28th, 2022 under American Idol 9+, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan. [ Comments: none ]

Even since American Idol made the move from Fox to ABC, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke have been the judges. Would season 6 finally be the year the network tries something new? Nope, they will all be back, along with Ryan Seacrest as the host. Maybe they will get the seven-year itch?

ABC made this announcement to let us know that virtual auditions start next week for all 50 states and DC.

To see which city they are doing on what date, then click here!


Do Rob Lowe and Katy Perry have something to tell us?
June 6th, 2022 under Do they have something to tell us?, Katy Perry, Rob Lowe. [ Comments: none ]

Rob Lowe shared a photo hugging Katy Perry, so do the two American idols have something to tell us? According to what the actors wrote, “We both kissed a girl…And liked it.” So, there is that. And we know that he has done more than kiss a girl, thanks to a video he made in Atlanta in 1988. Too soon?

Seriously though, wouldn’t it be hot if Perry and Lowe played lovers on 9-1-1: Lone Star? Lowe can save her, and they can start dating. It would do well in the ratings. Not that the first responders’ drama needs the help!


Luke Bryan was all of us when Katy Perry fell out of her chair 
May 3rd, 2022 under American Idol 9+, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan. [ Comments: none ]

On Sunday, Katy Perry dressed up as Ariel from Little Mermaid. That means that she wore a mermaid’s tail like the Disney Princess. The costume department did such a good job with it that she couldn’t move her legs when it was on.

Well, she decided to lean back in her swivel chair. And as you can guess, she fell over backwards and couldn’t get up. So, how did Luke Bryan react? He laughed out loud. Or, as he said, “We all have that one friend like…me!! Sorry @Katy Perry #americanidol #falling”

The Country singer is right, and to my friends, I am him! But, then again, it was almost all of us on Sunday! Because lots of us are all a little bit sadist. I am just a lot of it.


Katy Perry’s skin-tight jeans were too skin tight
March 29th, 2022 under Katy Perry. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on American Idol, Katy Perry sang Teenage Dream with the contestants. When she got to the part where she sings “in my skin-tight jeans,” she decided to squat down.

The singer immediately realized that was a huge mistake because it was hot and then cold by her butt. That is because her orange leather pants ripped down the middle.

Since the show must go on, Perry asked for some gaffers tape to cover up the hole. But before she did, she made a lot of teenage dreams come true.


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