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K.J. Apa makes out with himself
April 27th, 2021 under KJ Apa. [ Comments: none ]

K.J. Apa tried the pillow filter on Instagram, and he loved it. He really, really loved it. How much? He looked in the mirror and made out with himself.

I hope he learned from his time on Riverdale this season that he needs to use mouthwash first.

BTW Who else wishes they were that looking glass?

I wonder if he looked into it and said, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who is the most kissable one of them all?” The mirror said, “You are,” and then they did things that are illegal in many places.

To see what the moment before the kiss, then click here!


K.J. Apa is not a triple threat
April 12th, 2021 under KJ Apa. [ Comments: none ]

Riverdale has taught us that K.J. Apa can sing and act. However, his Instagram is showing us that he cannot dance. At least he tried.

BTW What do you call his dance move that made The Carlton look cool? You know, since Alfonso Ribeiro has retired his dance, maybe we can make The Apa a thing?


KJ Apa talks about kissing scenes during COVID-19
December 22nd, 2020 under Archie Comics, Kelly Ripa, KJ Apa, Ryan Seacrest. [ Comments: none ]

Back in September, KJ Apa shared a video of him and his co-star, Camilla Mendes, gargling mouthwash as they prepped for a kissing scene on Riverdale.

Yesterday, when he was on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the hosts wanted to know more about that process. “We have to come to set a little early, and we have to rinse our mouths out for one minute,” Apa said. “There is a guy standing there with a timer, counting down 60 seconds.”

Imagine the guy who has to time them. He calls his mom up after a long day of work, and she is like, “what did you do on the set today?” He tells her that he timed the actors to make sure they gargled their Listerine for a minute every time they had to kiss on camera. She must be so proud of her boy. He wants to become a big Hollywood director, and he is getting his big break by telling actors when to spit. He could’ve gone to dental school for that.

Back to Apa, how does he feel about it? “Apparently, it kills all the germs in my mouth. In my mind, by the time you got your tongue in someone’s mouth. I don’t think it really matters.” That is not what she said because who wants to kiss someone with bad breath?

Plus, scientists have proven that mouthwash does help get rid of coronavirus in your mouth. Who knew Hollywood was onto something?


The interesting thing KJ Apa can do with his mouth
December 14th, 2020 under KJ Apa. [ Comments: none ]

I think KJ Apa is half human and half seal. I say that because he can do something that seals are known for. That thing is catching things with his mouth.

The Riverdale star was lying on the ground talking when someone suddenly threw something at him. Apa caught it in his mouth like it was absolutely nothing. Not only that, he kept on with his sentence as he started chewing on the mysterious item.

That is a talent. I think he should join TikTok and do videos of can KJ Apa catch this in his mouth? What would you throw at the good boy?


KJ Apa reveals how they prep for making out scenes post-COVID-19
September 24th, 2020 under Archie Comics, Coronavirus, KJ Apa. [ Comments: none ]

A lot has changed for actors since COVID-19 happened, and one of those things is how they prepare to make out. Before, it was just go and kiss. That was then, and now there is an extra step they must do before that big moment. Riverdale’s KJ Apa and Camila Mendes showed us that they have to gargle something for a minute before they can lock lips for the camera.

I wonder how many actors are like they wished this rule was instituted earlier because kissing someone with bad breath is the worst. So many of their co-stars would purposely eat something like garlic or fish to prank their onscreen lover. That is something I would have done had I pursued acting.


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