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BTWF: Kevin Spacey on LA Law
September 8th, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Kevin Spacey. [ Comments: none ]

Before Kevin Spacey was Swimming with Sharks, the sharks were swimming with him on LA Law. That scene in 1992 when he was 32 is just as weird as he is.

I know he persona non grata, but that scene was too good not to share.


Kevin Spacey asks ‘miss me’ as a new felony charge is brought against him
December 24th, 2018 under Kevin Spacey. [ Comments: none ]

For almost 14 months, we have not heard a word out of Kevin Spacey and today the disgraced actor broke his silence with a strange video that he did in his House of Cards’ character Frank Underwood. At times sounds like he is confessing to the accusations of him sexually assaulting boys and men.

Which makes the timing of the bizarre video really telling because he will be arraigned on January 7th for a “felony charge for allegedly sexually assaulting the teenage son of former Boston WCVB-TV news anchor Heather Unruh at a Nantucket bar in July 2016”, according to the Boston Globe.

According to WCVB, the then 18-year-old was star struck when he went over to talk to the actor. The victim told him he was over 21 and Spacey bought him several drinks. When the boy was drunk, that is when Spacey allegedly made his move and sexually assaulted the teenager.

Which makes you wonder if he is saying in the video, he is innocent of this charge but not the others. There is so much we can guess from the video, but there is one conclusion we can take from it. He was better off when he was silent because this did not help his case. Not that anything can or should.


Kevin Spacey’s fate on House of Cards revealed
September 5th, 2018 under Kevin Spacey, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Netflix fired Kevin Spacey from House of Cards in December for alleged sexual misconduct and harassment, we have wondered how they were going to deal with his departure. Now we know. They are going to kill him off just like the book.

How are they going to 86 him? We do not know. We will just watch when the sixth and final season begins streaming starting on November 2nd. Hopefully, it will be really sadistic and not just a mention.

How do you want them to kill off Frank Underwood?


Kevin Spacey’s new movie made a lot less than a billion
August 18th, 2018 under Kevin Spacey. [ Comments: none ]

The first movie to be released since allegations of Kevin Spacey’s abusive behavior towards young men was revealed came out yesterday and let’s just say it did not do well. Let’s just say it did worse than not well.

How much money did Billionaire Boys Club make? Not a billion dollars. Not a million dollars. Not a thousand dollar. Not even $127 dollars. According to The Hollywood Reporter it made just a whopping $126 at the box office yesterday.

The movie played in 10 theaters throughout the US. It made $45 in Middleton, Connecticut, $19 in Sarasota, and one person had the theater to themselves in Antioch, Ca and also Minneapolis/St Paul. The latter two theaters combined brought in the same amount as Sarasota. When it comes to where the movie made the other $43, we don’t know. I am assuming those theaters do not want to admit they are showing it. Do you blame them?

A family of four could spend that much going to see one movie and getting some snacks. I say, it did so bad, Movie Pass was begging their subscribers to go see it and even they were like hell no. And we know that Movie Pass does not even have any movies you want to see available to see.


House of Cards will go on without Kevin Spacey
December 4th, 2017 under Kevin Spacey, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

After a month and a half of waiting, House of Cards fans finally found out the fate of their show. Kevin Spacey is still out and this will be the show’s final season.

That is not all that was confirmed today by Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer of Netflix, he revealed that the sixth season will only be 8 episodes instead of the normal 13, Robin Wright will be back for the final 8 and it will start production next year according to The LA Times.

What we don’t know is if the three episodes that Spacey filmed before he was fired for alleged sexual misconduct on the show will be part of the 8 and how they will handle his absence. My gut says that they will not air those 3 episodes and they will kill him off like they did in the book.

Are you OK with seeing House of Cards going on without him or do you think they should just have ended the show with season five?


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