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[ # ] Kevin Spacey’s new movie made a lot less than a billion
August 18th, 2018 under Kevin Spacey

The first movie to be released since allegations of Kevin Spacey’s abusive behavior towards young men was revealed came out yesterday and let’s just say it did not do well. Let’s just say it did worse than not well.

How much money did Billionaire Boys Club make? Not a billion dollars. Not a million dollars. Not a thousand dollar. Not even $127 dollars. According to The Hollywood Reporter it made just a whopping $126 at the box office yesterday.

The movie played in 10 theaters throughout the US. It made $45 in Middleton, Connecticut, $19 in Sarasota, and one person had the theater to themselves in Antioch, Ca and also Minneapolis/St Paul. The latter two theaters combined brought in the same amount as Sarasota. When it comes to where the movie made the other $43, we don’t know. I am assuming those theaters do not want to admit they are showing it. Do you blame them?

A family of four could spend that much going to see one movie and getting some snacks. I say, it did so bad, Movie Pass was begging their subscribers to go see it and even they were like hell no. And we know that Movie Pass does not even have any movies you want to see available to see.


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