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Jay and Silent Bob go to Weight Watchers
August 6th, 2018 under Kevin Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Earlier this year, Kevin Smith suffered a major heart attack and lived. The doctors told him to lose 50 pounds so that he does not suffer another one. He did some of it with one diet, but he has been doing the rest with Weight Watchers.

Now that he is preparing to put on the trench coat to play Silent Bob again and he is skinnier than he has ever been in any of his movies, he wanted to make sure his partner in crime looks and feels as good as him. Therefore Smith had a talk with his friend, Jason Meyes, and now both of them are on Weight Watchers together.

I feel bad for the cast and crew on the set of their new movie because Craft Services will not be as good as it used to be. Although, there seems to be a lot of stuff you can still eat on the diet.

Now let’s talk about that diet, let’s hope it is not the theme for the next Jay and Silent Bob movie because that will be kind of boring! Or maybe not?

You know that how he has not only lost the weight but he has kept it off. I am beginning to think I should try Weight Watchers like the two of them.


Kevin Smith lost so much weight, he can’t shop at his regular shop
June 21st, 2018 under Kevin Smith. [ Comments: 2 ]

Kevin Smith, as we know, has been portly man. Not anymore thanks to getting a second lease on life and suffering a widowmaker in February. Since then, he has lost 43 pounds and several pants size. Enough weight that he needs to buy some new jorts. The only problem is that the store he has been going to for the last decade does not carry his size. He is too small for the big store.

When they told him that they did not have his size, he almost cried. Not because he is sad but because of he his weight loss accomplishment. To celebrate he bought some suit jackets to show off his new physique.

First, we had to get to used to a skinny Kevin Smith. Now we are going to have to get used to seeing him in suit jackets and without his signature hockey jerseys. That is a lot to handle. What is next, no beard? That will totally freak me out!

Seriously though, keep up the good work!


Kevin Smith finally shows off what is under his hockey jersey!
June 13th, 2018 under Kevin Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Back in February, Kevin Smith suffered a massive heart attack that nearly killed him. Since it did not, his doctor told him to some weight. Actually, the doctors told him to 50 pounds.

Now three and half months later, he is down 43 pounds and loves showing off his weight loss. Just days after he suffered the widowmaker, he talked about his near-death experience, and he revealed that he did not like people seeing him without his shirt on. Therefore, when the EMTs and the doctors were trying to remove his signature hockey jersey, he struggled to keep it on.

That was then, and this is now. This is Kevin Smith without his shirt and he has hair on his chest. Did you know that? Now we all know that little factoid about him.

Why now? That is because this is the thinnest he has been since he graduated high school. Because he is down over 40 pounds, he wanted to declare to us, “while I may look a little better, I FEEL f*cking fantastic!” His poor wife. Hopefully, he lets her rest because after all, he revealed his Deadly But Silent standup special that she is very easy to please. If you know what I mean?

Seriously, he looks f*cking fantastic! Keep it up. I cannot wait to this his nude photoshoot in a couple of weeks when he hits his goal weight. Whoever thought that we find the director sexy? But we do and I want to hear Silent Bob scream in ecstasy! If you know what I mean?


Kevin Smith’s Silent But Deadly will have you laughing for an hour straight
May 11th, 2018 under Kevin Smith, Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

On February 26th, Kevin Smith was doing two shows in Glendale and everything seemed normal until it was not. That was because, after the first show, he suffered a near-fatal heart attack. Thanks to pot, he survived and we get to see the first of those two shows that he did that night. Tonight at 9p, that special Silent, But Deadly is going to debut on Showtime and you don’t want to miss the show that almost killed Silent Bob. Since he didn’t die, I can say if he did, then he would have gone out on a high note.

The hour of stand up starts off with him telling us he let his daughter drive by herself for the first time by before he did the show. That is enough to give any parent a heart attack. Thankfully she got to her location OK, but it was scary for her parents.

Now that Harley Quinn is old enough to be on her own, her mom is ready to travel with her dad again. Their first trip is to Spokane and she leaves her husband to do his shows without her. She turns their room into a spa and he finds that out when he comes back to smoke a joint between shows. She tells him, she does not want to hear his storytime, but he tells her anyway. It was about the last time he smoked pot on a balcony and almost got caught by the police.

When it comes to his wife not watching his live shows, she also does not watch the ones he tapes. She has only seen two episodes of Comic Book Men and refused to let him watch it on his 103 inch TV that they have in their bedroom. How he got that TV is a story you do not want to miss.

When it comes to what his wife sees of him, she hates his maroon underwear. One day, while he is away, he surprises her by telling her he got black ones. The two have this great sexting conversation that ends with a text going to the wrong person. Whoops.

Then he goes from talking about sexting to talking about sex with his wife. She learned something about how long it takes her husband to ejaculate. Way too TMI, but funny as all hell.

Now that we are over the sex talk, he tells a great story about feeding the cast of crew of Supergirl when he was directing an episode. He went to A&W Burgers and ordered 20 his first night. The next night he went back for 40, but it was the third night that was the real kicker. That is when he ordered 70 burgers, 40 fries and a small diet root beer for himself. That caused the guy at the drive-thru to laugh out loud.

Now it is time for him to wrap up the show and he gives a powerful speech that anyone can do what he is doing. Not knowing that a few minutes later, he would be fighting for his life.

After he waves goodbye to the audience, the credits start to roll and he shows us the room where he had the heart attack. Like he said, it was not a pretty place to die and thankfully he did not.

I watch a lot of comedy specials and I shut most of them off within a few minutes. This one is one of the few I cannot wait to watch again. Make sure to check it because I promise you will not be dissapointed.


Kevin Smith says, ‘the heart attack is the best thing that ever happened to me’
April 23rd, 2018 under Kevin Smith. [ Comments: 2 ]

On February 24th, Kevin Smith’s life changed forever after he almost died from a massive heart attack. Now almost 2 months later, he tells Today, “the heart attack is the best thing that ever happened to him.”

Since that fateful night, he has lost 32 pounds and has 18 more to go before he reaches his goal weight. He started out his weight loss with Penn Jillette’s diet of only potatoes, but now he is losing the rest with Weight Watchers. They are so happy to have him that they made him an ambassador. Which is a good thing because he plans to lose another 25 pounds after he reaches a goal. His dick will be so huge by then, I bet he will pose naked for the whole world to see.

Talking about seeing, that comedy special he was taping the night he nearly died is going to air on Showtime May 11th. I have seen Silent But Deadly and it is a laugh riot from beginning until the end. Although at the end he gets really sentimental. I wonder if he knew those words would become even more impactful just a few minutes later.

I want to go back to that night, he told Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin that he was very chatty when the doctors were putting the stent in him. Not only that, he was singing the Degrassi: The Next Generation theme song as they were doing it because it is very uplifting. I don’t know why, but that brought me so much joy. Probably, because that tune is pure happiness. Once a Degrassi fan, always a Degrassi fan.

Anyways, glad to see that he is doing so much better. He still has plenty left to give and I cannot wait to see what he gives us.


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