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Katy Mixon is happy no matter what size she is!
November 14th, 2017 under ABC, American Housewife, Katy Mixon, Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

When Katy Mixon was on Mike & Molly, she was skinny. Then when she was cast in American Housewife, she put on a few pounds. Even more as the season went on because she was pregnant with her first child. While most Hollywood moms cannot wait to take the weight off, she is not one them.

In fact, she tells Steve Harvey on his show today,”I am a very firm believer that it is only you in this World and therefore that is powerful. And my weight does not define me. It is not my self worth.” Then she added, “I am a very big fan of you gotta march to the beat of your own drum. Not look to the left or the right and hold your head high to walk through the fire. And realize you are not going to get it perfect every time. That is where I live. That is what I believe.”

I believe whether she is a size 2 or a size 14, she is absolutely gorgeous inside and out! And funny as all hell! If you have never seen her shows, then you really need to check her out in American Housewife every Wednesday at 9:30p on ABC.


Katy Mixon goes from American Housewife to mom of a son!
June 14th, 2017 under American Housewife, Babies, Katy Mixon. [ Comments: none ]

On May 16th, American Housewife aired its season one finale and three days later the star of the hilarious show began a new role in her life. On May 19th, Katy Mixon and her fiance’ Breaux Greer welcomed their first child together. According to People, Kingston Saint Greer came into the world weighing a whopping 9 lbs., 6 oz.

Before the sitcom began taping its first season, the actress was told by an executive producer of the ABC sitcom that if she wants to have baby, now was the time to do it. Greer and her took the EP up on that offer and celebrated the end of the season by welcoming their son.

Now it will be interesting to see how she handles the weight difference during the second season. Maybe have a second child?

Talking about the second season of American Housewife, the show moves to Wednesday nights at 9:30p when it returns in September.


American Housewife’s Katy Mixon is pregnant!
January 18th, 2017 under American Housewife, Jimmy Kimmel, Katy Mixon, Preggers. [ Comments: none ]

Katy Mixon was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and she told the ABC late night host that she is 5 and half months pregnant with a boy. Best part for her, her ABC sitcom is not hiding it because the creator told she could totally get pregnant if she wanted to. Therefore, she did.
I seriously had no idea she was expecting a child with her fiance’ Breaux Greer. In fact, when I was watching the show yesterday, I thought she might’ve lost a few pounds. Turns out, it is the opposite. Since she is tall and the show will be done filming new episodes before she gives birth, I doubt they will write her pregnancy into it. But here’s the question, what will happen next season (if they get picked up, which they better) and she loses all of her baby weight? At least she won’t be in a rush to do that, so take your time like most new mothers.


American Housewife celebrates Valentine’s Day early!
January 17th, 2017 under ABC, American Housewife, Katy Mixon. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Valentine’s Day is still a month away, in the TV sitcom world it is happening now because they tape in advance. Here is Diedrich Bader on the set of ABC’s American Housewife surrounded by a bunch of balloons to give to his TV wife Katy Mixon.
What is it about a guy with carrying a bunch of balloons like that that turns me on so much? Don’t you wish he is your Valentine’s? I know I do!!!
I guess since he is not, I will just have to settle by watching him tonight on ABC’s sweet and funny sitcom at 8:30p!


ABC fattens up American Housewife!
November 5th, 2016 under ABC, American Housewife, Katy Mixon. [ Comments: none ]

American Housewife has been doing so well at ABC, that they asked the Tuesday night comedy for full season. While the news is good for the Katy Mixon/Deidrech Bader starrer, it is not as good for The Real O’Neals. The network asked for only three more episodes, which is 3 more than I thought they would get.


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