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The downside of having Alexa in the house with a toddler
June 7th, 2019 under Babies. [ Comments: none ]

via GMA
Alexa makes life so much easier if you are the parent of a young child. You yell, “Alexa order me diapers”. “Alexa, text my husband and ask when he is coming home?” “Alexa, when was I supposed to get my period?” “Alex, when did my husband say he was coming home?” “Alexa, order me a pregnancy test?” “Alexa, get me the names of divorce attorneys.” “Alexa, what time is my doctor’s appointment?” You see where I am going with this.

Anyways, one mom said Alexa so many times, her 7-month-old daughter Caroline thinks her name is Alexa. I wonder how many other babies think their name is Alexa, Siri, Google or Bixby? If I had a kid, they would think their name is a four-letter word and it ain’t Siri.

The moral of this post is to make sure to call your child by their name as much as possible if you have a virtual assistant in your house. Or make it easy for yourself and just name your baby after the virtual assistant you have.


Kids react to their dads dumping the beard!
March 14th, 2019 under Babies. [ Comments: none ]

Imagine you are a kid and you spent your whole life knowing your dad with a beard. Then one day, he decides to shave it off. How would you react?

Kyoot compiled several videos of offspring reacting to their dads saying off with the spingy hairs on their faces. Almost every child cried hysterically. Although some got really mad at their pops.

All I did was smile because they are all so cute. There is one kid that will just break your heart. You will know when you get to him because your eyes will be as red as his.

BTW I think Jimmy Kimmel needs to do this and let’s see how Jane and Billy react to the new look.

So if you need to smile, then press play. Because this video is 10 minutes of joy.


Did this play into Jessica Jones cancellation?
February 24th, 2019 under Babies. [ Comments: none ]

(ABC/Rick Rowell)

Krysten Ritter walked the red carpet with her boyfriend, Adam Granduciel, and there was something different about her. She has a bump. As in a baby bump. It was hard not to notice her growing belly in the skin tight scarlett lace dress.

On that note, you have to wonder if her pregnancy played a part in the cancellation of Jessica Jones. It would obviously have to be delayed. Yeah, right. We know the real reason why it got the ax and it has nothing to do with her expanding. It has everything to do with Disney expanding into the streaming business.


So a Grimm and a Hexenbiest had a baby
February 16th, 2019 under Babies. [ Comments: none ]

Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli have a million little things to celebrate because they welcomed a baby girl, Vivian, on Valentine’s Day.

The couple played lovers on Grimm. Then they actually became lovers in real life, got married in 2017 and parents this week. Who would have guessed a show about Grimm fairy tales would actually lead to an ending of happily ever after.


The amusing reason to take kids to an amusement park
February 6th, 2019 under Babies. [ Comments: none ]

via Kyoot
Ever since I was big enough to get on rides at an amusement park, my dad took me on them. Therefore, they don’t scare me. I know that is just me and a few others. Which is why I always enjoy taking my friends on scary rides to watch them scream and curse at me. In fact, I have a huge smile on my face just thinking about that.

I also could have that smile on my face because I just watching 10 minutes of kids going on scary rides for the first time, getting splashed on while watching water rides and just falling off of them. While it is not fun for them, it is the true reason we should take them to amusement parks. That is why they called amusement parks. They are there for our amusement and not the amusement of the children. If it was for children, then they would be called a scary wet place with sugary food.


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