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BTWF: Donald Faison in You Wrote It, You Watch It
February 13th, 2024 under Before They Were Famous, Donald Faison, Jon Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

Before Donald Faison went to MIT on EXtended Family, he went to Western Kentucky State University on Wrote It, You Watch It. He looks the same now as he did when he was 18 in that 1992 episode.


Jon Stewart is returning to The Daily Show!
January 24th, 2024 under Jon Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

Jon Stewart is giving us a reason not to hate Mondays. That is because he is going to host The Daily Show on that day of the week through the election.

“Jon Stewart is the voice of our generation, and we are honored to have him return to Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ to help us all make sense of the insanity and division roiling the country as we enter the election season,” said Chris McCarthy, President/CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios, in a statement to Variety. “In our age of staggering hypocrisy and performative politics, Jon is the perfect person to puncture the empty rhetoric and provide much-needed clarity with his brilliant wit.”

This is the smartest thing that Comedy Central has done in ages.

And who knows? Maybe Stewart will like doing the show so much once a week he will want to do it full-time again.

Oh, and on that note. The Daily Show correspondents will be hosting the show Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Stewart’s first show will be on February 12th.


Jersey’s most famous boys want you to wear friggin’ mask
November 30th, 2020 under Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the 20th Century, Frank Sinatra was New Jersey’s most famous boy. In this century, that title goes to three men. They are Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jon Stewart. The two Jons and the Boss want you to wear a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19 in their state.

Do it, or you will give love a bad name. If you do, then we can get back to the glory days. You don’t want to be living on a prayer taking bad medicine so you are not sleeping on a bed of roses. I know it’s your life, but don’t you want to see your grandchildren born in the USA and born to run? You are wanted alive and not dead. Just do it because I’m on fire, and I won’t stop!

Have a nice day!


Has Jon Stewart hit hard times?
July 20th, 2018 under Hard times, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Jon Stewart left The Daily Show, we have barely seen him in public. Turns out that he has been there all along, we just did not know it. In fact he left the Big Apple for Hollywood after his show ended. Hollywood Boulevard that is. Why there? Because he is one of the people in costume on the boulevard of broken dreams. He is The Incredible Hulk.

Donald Trump has got him so angry, he has permantly turned into the green monster. Which is why he warned Mr. McGee not to make him angry because he would not like him when he is angry. Same goes for the guy in the White House.

So is Hulk a smash? Does not seem that way according to how he acted on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he was unmasked.



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