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Watch Jon Bon Jovi react to a stadium singing Livin’ on a Prayer
September 12th, 2023 under Bon Jovi, NKOTB, Sports figures. [ Comments: none ]

Jon Bon Jovi is a traitor to his home state of New Jersey. That is because instead of supporting the New York Jets or the New York Giants, he is team New England Patriots. Which is as much of a sin as a girl from The Bronx supporting the New York Mets over the New York Yankees.

But this is not about me. It is about the singer. On Sunday, he went to the Patriots game in Boston, and Gillette Stadium played Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer. Whether you love the band or not, you are going to belt out that chorus. And that is exactly what the Boston and Philadelphia Phillies fans did. Much to the delight of Bon Jovi, who was seen rockin’ out with the crowd.

Even Donnie Wahlberg thought the fans had the right stuff to sing along! And Jovi was in New Kids on the Block territory.

Now, back to Bon Jovi. Can someone please explain to me why they never did the Super Bowl Halftime Show? They would’ve brought down the house. But that is never going to happen because Jon says the NFL blew their chance of ever having them play.


Is Millie Bobby Brown engaged to Jon Bon Jovi’s son?
April 11th, 2023 under Bon Jovi, Engaged?. [ Comments: none ]

Millie Bobby Brown posted the above photo with what looks like an engagement ring on that finger while being hugged by her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi and wrote these Taylor Swift lyrics, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all 🤍” And Jon Bon Jovi’s son posted some more photos and wrote, “Forever 🤍”

So now everyone is asking if they are engaged, which they most likely are.

And once we contemplate their engagement, we start asking if they are too young because she is 19 and he is 20. But then again, neither one of them had a normal childhood, and they are more mature than other people their age.

They started dating in 2021 and went public in March 2022. Congrats to the two!


Jon Bon Jovi’s son pranked him good!
March 31st, 2023 under Bon Jovi. [ Comments: none ]

Jon Bon Jovi and his son, Jesse, are in the Rosé wine business together. Therefore, they spend a lot of time together. And they have some fun in between all of their work on Hampton Water.

And now, Jesse is having some fun at his dad’s expense. That is because he put up billboards in NY, LA, Miami, and social media with his father’s phone number on them. Because of that, the Bon Jovi singer’s phone is blowing up with people calling him.

People like me. So what happens when you call 615-398-2765? You get a message that says, “Hey, it’s Jon Bon Jovi. Leave a message, and I’ll right back to you. Thanks.” I didn’t leave one because what I am going to say to him? I am going to tell him I think he has the best ass in Rock’n’Roll?”

Although I could ask him how he is going to get revenge on his son.

So if you have wanted to tell Bon Jovi what you think of him, now is your chance.

To see the billboards, then click here!


Jon Bon Jovi shaking his ass-ets!
November 8th, 2022 under Bon Jovi. [ Comments: none ]

Many eons ago, I had behind the stage tickets to see Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden. I was upset about those bad seats until Jon Bon Jovi came out in skin-tight jeans and started shaking his ass.

Through my binoculars, I noticed that he had this beautiful bubble butt that looked like two half cantaloupes, and all I wanted to do was squeeze it. It was and is my bad medicine that makes me…well, you know what song I am thinking about.

So, ever since that night, I love anytime the band shares videos of his tushie. I think he has the best ass in Rock’n’Roll, and my friend even told him that when she interviewed him.

I don’t know what it is that makes his ass so yummy, but it is. It is probably all that Jazzercise he does on stage. Whatever it is. It is working.

So, I am going to sit here, sipping on Hampton Water, and enjoy watching this video of him shaking his money maker. Let’s be honest. His voice is his second best asset! Yeah, I said it. Want to debate it?


Jon Bon Jovi’s ass lifts up with an audience!
May 25th, 2022 under Bon Jovi. [ Comments: none ]

I have said this many times, but I think that Jon Bon Jovi has the best ass in Rock’n’Roll. So whenever he or Bon Jovi posts a photo of it on social media, I am going to stare at his tush.

Case in point, he posted a GIF of his bum during a soundcheck and then during a concert. I couldn’t help butt, I mean but, to notice how it gets a rise when it is around a full audience. It is like it is saying, thank you for loving me. And boy, do I love it.

So, I am going to grab a glass of Hampton Water, stare at his gluteus Maximus go up and down in a loop and enjoy some solo time living in sin on my bed of roses.

I think I need a boyfriend?


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