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What nickname would Jon Hamm give his penis?
June 14th, 2023 under Andy Cohen, Jon Hamm. [ Comments: none ]

The internet has given Jon Hamm’s penis the nickname Hammaconda. I call it the Hamm sandwich. And yesterday, when the Mad Man was on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked him what he would call it. The actor said if he had to give it a nickname, he would call it Marvin Douglas.

The host didn’t do a follow-up, so we don’t know why he would go with Marvin Douglas. Therefore, it is up to assume the meaning behind it. What is your assumption?

While we didn’t learn the meaning behind the name, we did learn what Hamm likes in the bedroom. He says bring on the kinky. And when you are done, let him be the little spoon!

Just when you think he could not get any more perfect. He finds another way to prove that he is.


Jon Hamm was ignored by softcore porn producers
September 23rd, 2022 under Howard Stern, Jon Hamm. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jon Hamm was a working actor, he worked as a set dresser on Skinamax movies. So, you would think that the second the producers saw him bend down and clean the tables of butt prints, they would offer him an on-camera job. But, he told Howard Stern they didn’t ask him.

I betcha the producers on all of the softcore porn movies he worked on regret not hiring him. But then again, they would not be able to show his Hammaconda, so it is not as bad as a decision had been hardcore porn.


Does Jon Hamm wear underwear?
September 20th, 2022 under Jon Hamm. [ Comments: none ]

For years, we have wondered whether Jon Hamm wears underwear because his huge dick has a way of showing through his pants.

So yesterday, when the actor was on Howard Stern, the shock jock asked him that very question. “I have worn underwear every single day of my life.” Then the Mad Men added, “I love a comfy boxer brief…I like a breathable cotton.” So there you have it.

However, I am disappointed that Stern didn’t ask him just how big the Hammster is. I know I want to know.


Andrew Rannells spills the tea on his diner with Patti LuPone and Glenn Close
June 25th, 2020 under Andrew Rannells, Andy Cohen, Glenn Close, Jon Hamm, Patti LuPone. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago, when Patti LuPone was on Watch What Happens Live, she talked about the fateful night she had with Andrew Rannells, Jon Hamm, and her sworn enemy Glenn Close.

The two legendary actresses do not get along because LuPone was slated to play the lead in Sunset Boulevard, but they gave the role to Glenn Close instead. Needless to say, since then Lupone has not been a fan of Close’s.

So what happened when the two ladies got close to each other on a night out in Manhattan. According to LuPone, she warned her friend Jon Hamm that he better not f*ck her.

That was towards the end of that night, a night we all wish we could have been a fly on the wall. While we were not, Rannells was. Yesterday, when he was on WWHL, he gave some more details to Andy Cohen about what happened inbetween their chance meeting until the threat.

He says the three of them were out at a restaurant, and they went to talk to some friends. When they got back to the booth, Close was sitting there all by herself. The three joined her and chatted for a while. Since both divas are ladies, they acted civilly towards each other. However, you could feel the tension between them.

He probably felt it because LuPone kept saying to him that Close better not try to f*ck Hamm or that she would lose it. No one lost anything that night, but Rannels had a night he will never forget.

I can’t wait to hear what Hamm has to say about it. He better ham it up for the cameras!

I also hope that some big Broadway producer casts LuPone and Close in a revival of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Ryan Murphy would have the next Feud unfold before our very eyes.


Patti LuPone threatened Jon Hamm about f*cking Glenn Close!
April 28th, 2020 under Andrew Rannells, Andy Cohen, Glenn Close, Jon Hamm, Patti LuPone. [ Comments: none ]

Patti LuPone was on Watch What Happens Live yesterday and she was spilling the tea to Andy Cohen. The actress said that Barbra Streisand is 50 years too old to play Gypsy, the time she destroyed a dressing room when she got fired from a play in London, and what she thought of playing Madonna’s mother in Evita.

My favorite spilled tea is when she talked about how Glenn Close crashed her get together with Jon Hamm and Rannells. The three of them were having drinks in Manhattan when Close came over and sat next to the Mad Men star. After the Fatal Attraction star left, LuPone said to Hamm, “If you f*ck her, I will never speak to you again.” With that stern warning, he did not go home with her. Which is a good thing because who wants her rabbit soup.

Talking about vengeance, why is LuPone so hasty towards Close? My friend Michael gave me the deets. Close was starring as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, and she was a huge hit. So much so, they asked her to do the role on Broadway. There was only one problem, LuPone was already offered the role. Therefore, LuPone found out she was fired in the papers, and because of that, she is not a fan of Close.

I think the two should kiss, makeup, and star in a Broadway rendition of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. I would pay a lot of money to see that pairing.


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