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[ # ] What nickname would Jon Hamm give his penis?
June 14th, 2023 under Andy Cohen, Jon Hamm

The internet has given Jon Hamm’s penis the nickname Hammaconda. I call it the Hamm sandwich. And yesterday, when the Mad Man was on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked him what he would call it. The actor said if he had to give it a nickname, he would call it Marvin Douglas.

The host didn’t do a follow-up, so we don’t know why he would go with Marvin Douglas. Therefore, it is up to assume the meaning behind it. What is your assumption?

While we didn’t learn the meaning behind the name, we did learn what Hamm likes in the bedroom. He says bring on the kinky. And when you are done, let him be the little spoon!

Just when you think he could not get any more perfect. He finds another way to prove that he is.


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